The Top 40 Video Game Music Tracks of All-Time

Short Pause is counting down the Top 40 video game music tracks of all-time! After all of the in-fighting, bloodshed, name-calling, and maternally-themed threats subsided, Brent, Taz, Ben and Eric were left with a Casey Casum-approved list of their Top 40 favorite songs piercing through the smoky aftermath. And they want to hear your thoughts on their list! Did they introduce you to any new tunes or fail to mention your favorites?

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Illusive_Man1445d ago

Halo CE
Castlevania SOTN

Some of my favs

user14394141445d ago

The music on Sonic was amazing XoXoXoXo :)

choujij1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

My favs are probably Mario/Zelda series, Sonic, Jet Grind Radio, MegaMan Series, Castlevania and but of course, Dance Dance Revolution if that counts. =)