H1Z1 Gameplay Preview Interview

Sony Online Entertainment previews the new H1Z1 open world zombie survival game in this exclusive gameplay preview before E3.

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jagiii1235d ago

MMO zombies from SOE. Sounds cool.

Fishy Fingers1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

Looking forward to giving this a try. Used to love DayZ but lost interest after the launch of the standalone.

This could reinvigorate my interest in the genre and from what I've seen, it looks more 'fun' to play. The FPS gameplay in ARMA (DayZ) always felt like a chore to me.

Trunkz Jr1234d ago

Thing about these Zombies MMO, is that all the zombies do in these is B!tch slap you to death.

Now THATS a survivor game to look out for, Mutants who are smarter than zombies that hunt you, using traps, weapons, etc not to mention its on a good engine, CryEngine 3.6

user56695101234d ago

great interview. even though im tired of zombie game i will try this out.

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