Thursday Throwdown: Will All of These Delays Hurt Sony?

"Delays are easily one of the crappiest things about the gaming industry from a gamer perspective. Despite the fact that they sometimes lead to drastically improved titles doesn't matter. We, as a species, are extremely impatient. Not all of us are, but enough of us to make the complaints seem a lot worse than they actually are. This year we've seen delays to a lot of titles, but the delays don't impact any console manufacturer more-so than Sony. - Velox, Stealthy Box

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SuperBlunt1504d ago

Are game delays hurting microsoft aswell? Dumb clickbait...

aceitman1504d ago

I didnt no sony was the only one delaying games . Um no there not a lot of publishers are even ms.

DigitalHope1504d ago

You know what hurts worse than game delays?

Broken and unfinished games.

Edward751504d ago


It actually wasn't. It did go on to say it could be good in some respects by a better game being made over one being total trash. It may just seem like it was negative and bait if you look at it with fanboy eyes because Sony was the main one mentioned.

SuperBlunt1504d ago

I applaud game delays when i trust the studio behind it

Captain Qwark 91504d ago

delays suck but i dont think they are hurtful in anyway. release a shitty game or wait and release something worth playing. thats what it boils down too. id rather wait and play something worthwhile than spend time and money on something that sucks

Keith221504d ago

I still think there's lots of games to play this year?

Captain Qwark 91504d ago

depends. there's not too much left for me but as long as i get transformers, dragon age, and probably drive club, thats enough for me until next year when the witcher drops

dcj05241504d ago

There's plenty to play. Just depends if you want to play it.

cruzngta1504d ago

With 8 million consoles sold I dont think Sony is too worried about delaying a game if it means it will be better. People have made their choice with PS4 and will wait for what comes.

SaintAlpha1011504d ago

The Arkham Knight delay hurt me emotionally.

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