Conspiracy Digital Trip DLC for Watch Dogs Out Now with Screens

Today, Ubisoft announced that the first piece of downloadable content for the open world action-adventure game Watch Dogs is now available.

The Conspiracy! Digital Trip DLC will cost $4.99, or it will be free if you have the Season Pass for Watch Dogs. Those players who download it will have a new type of digital trip to encounter in the vast world of Watch Dogs that will have them hunting down cyborgs in a mind-bending alternate game universe. You can check out two new screenshots from the Conspiracy! DLC after the break. You can also pick up the Season Pass for Watch Dogs on Ubi’s site for $19.99, which will save you over 25% off all of the DLC for this title, plus you’ll get early access to the story based DLC once it’s released.

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febzilla1537d ago

Dang! I haven't even finished playing and there's DLC out already.

Exies71537d ago

That's exactly what I thought, but I guess they have to release some things for the season pass holders. Minor updates here and there, etc.

1nsomniac1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

The day the game released they had a full gameplay trailer of the upcoming single player Campaign.... Yes FULL DLC campaign, finished before the full game had been released. Crazy!

JackOfAllBlades1537d ago

They had a trailer, no proof it is completely done yet

1nsomniac1537d ago

A trailer with several levels & cutscenes from various parts of the new campaign. Whether it was complete or not I don't care, it was a stupid thing to do!

LightDiego1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

A DLC after one week of the release date?

matrixman921537d ago

I got the platinum, I did not do any digital trips besides one at the very beginning of the game. I dont have motivation to go back and play them, I wish they gave u something for doing them.

xPhearR3dx1537d ago

You get an outfit when you complete them, but that's it.

matrixman921537d ago

I never changed my outfit once lol

Audiggity1537d ago

Changing outfits is so last gen. Bring on the horse armor!

oO_bizkitz_Oo1537d ago

I have been playing this, sense launch .... late story

cfc831537d ago

I dont even know what is what anymore. What the heck is a full story dlc ? Aint buying it anyway. 50 quid for a game is too much as it is. Too many folk are priced out of buying them.

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