Top 10 Mario Kart 8 Tracks

"Mario Kart 8 has been out for almost a week. I’ve been playing it pretty extensively, but I still have yet to unlock all the characters and kart parts." |

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RAFFwaff1324d ago

Yeah, im gonna go for: Bowser's Castle, Sunshine Airport and Shy Guy Falls. But i bloody hate getting gold coins from a box!! Leaving them on road was enough.

3-4-51324d ago

I agree with a few of those but that is a pretty weak top 10 imo, but it's just my opinion.

Some of those would be on my top 10.

TRS_Gear1324d ago

I strongly disagree with half of this list.

crusf1324d ago

My least favorite track has to be Bone Dry Dunes. It's so lackluster leading up to the final track of the cup and not to mention difficult!

jaymart2k1324d ago

Wow no Electrodome , almost everyone votes that when it comes up.

lefty1324d ago

Yoshi stage should be removed what they did to it is a great injustice that's the only negative thing I can say bout mk8

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