Loadout: PS4 Console Exclusive, Free to Play, Billions of Weapon Combos

Mark Nau writes :

"Greetings, PlayStation folks! My name is Mark Nau, and I’m the Creative Director at Edge of Reality. We’re the folks who made Loadout, a game about resolving your differences by blasting, burning, and/or exploding anybody who disagrees with you. I know you PS4 fans are a pretty tight-knit community, but let’s face it – once in a while, you’re going to feel the need to shoot somebody’s legs off, and I’m proud to announce that we’re giving you billions of ways to do that. In case you haven’t already guessed from the blog title or that introduction, we’re bringing Loadout as a console exclusive to PlayStation 4!"

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Nanux1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Nice. More free games that quality, better for us, maybe they will lower other game prices.

GarrusVakarian1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

Lmao! This looks crazy! Like a Quentin Tarantino Team Fortress, on drugs.

Wasn't expecting that, at all. I'll definitely give this a try.

thereapersson1421d ago

looks like absolutely hilarious fun, and it looks a lot like Team Fortress 2, which isn't a bad thing.

LiViNgLeGaCY1421d ago

This game is a ton of fun on PC. I've played the crap out of it. Big win here for PS4 owners in my opinion.

GarrusVakarian1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )


Yeah, just pure, unadulterated, gory fun. Day one download for this. These are the kind of games i want this gen, games that put fun above anything else. I'm really pleased this is coming to PS4, it needs more mindless fun games like this.

Hahaha. Those character animations. XD

Just watching some ganmeplay of it on PC now, looks so fast paced and Team Fortress-like. I love it. Lmao at the twerking.

NewMonday1421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )

this game is crazy, the PS4's answer to Sunset Overdrive only more awesome.

people went crazy when I said Sunset Overdrive looked like a digital game and here we have a game that out does it.

FamilyGuy1421d ago

Wow, this game looks fun and hilarious.
Cabbage patch taunt, twerking, giving the middle finger when you're dismembered and left for dead.

How soon is "soon"?

darthv721421d ago

no offense but this kind of reveal would have been sweet to make at sony's E3 show. It would be a slap in the face to MS and insomniac with regards to sunset overdrive.

not only is this a fun fast paced shooter in the same vein but free to play...can't beat the price.

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Foraoise1421d ago

And it's PLAY-to-win, not PAY-to-win, as you only pay for cosmetic changes to your characters. Every weapon/etc can be bought using the in-game currency that you collect, not real money.

Shots fired?
Shots fired (:

bigpiece1421d ago

stop trying to start a flame war. Just enjoy we have the game for free :)

Foraoise1421d ago

Bigpiece: how am I trying to start a falme war? I'm just stated before people make the ignorant assumption that because it's free-to-play, it must be pay-to-win.

Palitera1421d ago

I'd prefer paying 15, 20 bucks and have a complete experience, with steady progression.

Will download it anyway.

hkgamer1421d ago

Some games can be free without the pay barrier in your face.

Palitera1421d ago

Without making money, you mean?

Just because three games achieved it in history, it doesn't mean making a free game with good progression design is a good bet for devs and publishers...

hkgamer1421d ago

actually, i should have read up on the game before i commented.

Still haven't, but do you know how the pay structure in this game works? i was just staying that some games works well being free to play as long as they have a healthy amount of players. Lot's of games are free to play and work. Look at all the MMO's out there.

xilx1421d ago

From what I remember, you can only buy xp/in-game currency boosters, cosmetics, and I think extra loadout slots. The boosters I think are only a 2x modifier, so not really outrageously different, and something you can make up by just playing more.

I haven't played in a while, so things may have changed.

GameDev11421d ago


Read the comments in the playstation blog, One of their reps said this

"We’ve got millions of satisfied players who have been able to play a great game for no cost at all! For a lot of people, that’s a much better deal than paying up-front for a shipped title. Having a preference for pay-up-front is fine. There’s plenty of games out there like that, too. We’ve done both kinds of games, and we really like the ongoing game support that we can provide our players in the F2P model."

Again this sheep following bashing any game that has free to play in it. Find out the way they have implemented it and see if it disturb your game progress before ranting

Palitera1421d ago

Are you really using PR statements as fact and calling someone else a sheep?

Wow! A true genious.

GameDev11421d ago (Edited 1421d ago )


So it is a PR statement because you say so, Because Game developers can't honestly want people to just enjoy a game and give them the option to pay?? and I am a genius, not bashing every game because they have F2P in them, rather I find out how its implemented then decide if its for me.

I have many f2p games on my phone, which I enjoy highly and can progress through the game without paying a cent, I just have to grind it out. I have never once in my life paid a cent towards micros transaction but have enjoyed many F2P games.

Then I have seen the likes of Simpsons Tapped out which literally stops you from progressing.

But I dislike people like you who suddenly bashes a F2P without checking its choices

Foraoise1421d ago

Hey kid. Read my above post. It's not "pay to win". I hate posts like yours.

KwietStorm1421d ago

So all three of your bubbles were pessimistic, because you would rather ignore what is a completely and purely fun game (I've played it on PC), so you can ho pay for one instead, just because you want "traditional" progression. Ok, have "fun" then.

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Speak_da_Truth1421d ago

Sweet and console exclusive too wow Sony!!! I'll be downloading this bad boy day one.

Phene1421d ago

Anyone know when? Today or are they just announcing its coming?