Delayed Games Are The Least Of Our Next-Gen Problems

With the recent announcement of Batman: Arkham Knight’s delay to 2015, the gaming community was once again up in arms. It’s not the first game to be delayed recently. Watch_Dogs just came out a few weeks ago and was originally expected to be a next-gen launch title. Driveclub was delayed numerous times and was scheduled for release at the same time. The driving game will be out in October, nearly eleven months after its expected release date. In addition to the previously mentioned titles, games whose release date was pushed back not long ago include The Division, The Evil Within and Destiny.

That being said, with Arkham Knight’s delay, another high-profile release for eighth-generation home consoles will see the light of day later than expected, and people who purchased the Xbox One and PS4 will have to wait even longer to finally get their hands on the games they bought the systems for. But there are bigger problems plaguing the next-generation consoles right now than game delays.

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uth111479d ago

Another gamer who thinks that only AAA exclusives count as games.

I have lots to play on my PS4, I don't care if they are cross-platform or indie, as long as they are fun!

Sketchy_Galore1479d ago

I do enjoy a nice Indie game, especially since they seem to be the only thing keeping any kind of creativity and originality in gaming but c'mon, you have to admit it would be nice to have more to show off the capabilities of the consoles we just paid for. These things were not cheap and spending so long playing games that could just as easily be played on the consoles we already owned (or games we did already play on those consoles) can be annoying.

Roccetarius1479d ago

It doesn't surprise me that they're letting indies pick up the slack, but even those games aren't interesting for everyone.

Currently i'm just gonna stick with Wildstar, until Pillars of Eternity, Torment: Tides of Numenera and Witcher 3 releases.

medman1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Amen brother, Amen!! I'm enjoying Transistor, Child of Light, and Watch_Dogs currently.

Dynasty20211479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

I can list the decent games on PS4 with one hand, using maybe 2 fingers.

Seriously considering selling mine.

Indie games I get on PC for like £2, not at £12 a pop. Games like Don't Starve are so much better on PC it beggars belief. The controls, the UI, its just better.

Whitefeather1479d ago

There's a reason you lack bubbles, friend.

user56695101479d ago

Which part was wrong. Only games I hear PS famboys talk about is infamous and kz. And it common sense the ports your getting on ps4 isn't better than it is on PC . Y'all still waiting on coop for Dont starve and have no mods. Y'all paid $50 more for a TR PC port.

RTetro1479d ago

Wow, this guy makes me laugh. I guess he wasn't around for the switch between PS3/XB360 and PS2/Xbox. If you can't enjoy a game because it's cross gen then I feel sorry for you.

Roccetarius1479d ago

Cross generation games, remasters and more is indeed a plague. Supporting those games is just not an option for me, so i'll just watch as they drop in price.

Exclusive games is another can of worms, but we'll deal with that later.

jnemesh1479d ago

Personally, I don't mind the "reboots" at all...I have Tomb Raider, and am having a LOT of fun playing it! I never played the game on the older consoles when it came out, so it's new to me. Also, I waited until it was on sale in the PSN store and bought it for $30, not $60.

I am also looking forward to The Last of Us, which, again, I haven't played yet.

As for the "indies"? Well, I already had Pixeljunk Shooter (1 and 2) on the PS3, it was nice getting them for free with PS+ for my PS4. I will also get Spelunky, not that I really "need" to...but it will be nice having it on my PS4 instead of having to switch back to the PS3 to play it.

I think the most telling thing the author says in this article is that E3 is right around the corner! MANY unannounced games will see the light of day just next it seems a bit silly to complain right before they are announced!

Roccetarius1479d ago

More games that'll be delayed? ;)

Flipgeneral1479d ago

Good thing I got FFXIV :)