Tom Clancy's The Division E3 2014 Teaser

Watch the Ubisoft press conference live June 9th at 3pm (PDT) to see The Division take the stage at E3. Before though, check out this short teaser for Tom Clancy's The Division.

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MWong1262d ago

That wasn't even a teaser.

alexkoepp1262d ago

Games should never make appearances at two E3's. Kind of a bummer we are going to have a ton of repeats this year. While the division does loom fantastic, when you compare it to games that will launch beside it it isn't going to be nearly as impressive. That's what happens when you show a game 2 years before it comes out. Everything else catches up to it. Look at watch dogs.

minimur121262d ago

At first I was like:

Oh cool, I like teasers lik....

oh it's finished

uth111262d ago

Teaser? More like #Downgrade

I called it first :P

uth111262d ago

I'm only joking, but you know that's coming.. :/

Brim1262d ago

Lmao people need to lighten up a little .. that was comedy ..

Clover9041262d ago

Lame. It's not coming up on an ipad.

Immorals1262d ago

Needs flash player.. :(

minimur121262d ago

my friend said iPads can do more than laptops..... what should I do?

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The story is too old to be commented.