Top 16 Fixes for Sniper Elite V2 Crashes, Errors, Stuck mouse, Can't add game, Stopped working, D3D

Crash Wiki takes on the Top 10 crashes, errors, mouse issues, game account bugs, D3D and other issues in Sniper Elite V2 which is currently F2P on Steam.

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gamejohn00x1508d ago

thank god. the stuck mouse issue was a headache.

RevXM1507d ago

SE2 crashes and my computer shuts off.
Havent made it past the tutorial even. everey like 5 minutes.

AMD A8 4500M with Dual radeon graphics HD7640G +7470M 1GB Vram. 8GB ram, I think it is running at 1600MHz but I am not sure. and I had the latest drivers when I played a few weeks ago.