NBA 2K15 - Most Valuable Players Trailer

2K announces its pre-order bonus pack for NBA 2K15 with this new Most Valuable Players trailer. Fans who preorder NBA 2K15 will receive 5,000 Virtual Currency, Kevin Durant Throwback MyTeam card, two MyTeam card packs, and MyPlayer leg sleeves inspired by Kevin Durant

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MWong1236d ago

Ok now that's a nice teaser trailer!!

98xpresent1236d ago

I just realized it's 2014 gameplay lol

Sayburr1235d ago

"I just realized it's 2014 gameplay lol " -

LOL, you got a "disagree" for stating a fact... this place can be so funny sometimes.

Deividas1236d ago

Better be using the new Engine for PC.....

Kevin263851236d ago

Looks like they will have a heavy focus on MyCAREER. A bit disappointed that they used NBA 2K14 footage, but hopefully we see NBA 2K15 footage tonight during the NBA Finals.

thereapersson1236d ago

really hope they fix the passing mechanism, because it's really buggy in 2k14. Then again, it's always been an issue, but it was really highlighted in the new version.

Sayburr1235d ago

Wow... I didn't notice that fine print. Wonder if the game is in bad shape at this point so they used last year's game?

Kevin263851235d ago

Actually, I think they have done the same thing in previous years. I don't understand it from a marketing standpoint, but they obviously don't feel comfortable/want to show off 2k15 footage yet.

2pacalypsenow1236d ago

i hope they let us customize out my player again, that the one thing that killed it for me on 2k14

v6volume1235d ago

I'm hoping they bring back Association mode. I have little motivation to play this game like I used to.