Steam Early Access: Your rights when game development stops

Steam Early Access brings you games before they’re finished. GamesBeat takes a look at games that are stuck in development limbo and investigates your rights as an Early Access consumer.

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ColManischewitz1503d ago

I doubt I'll ever buy an Early Access game because of the risks involved.

crazytown991503d ago

I'm not sure how I feel about paying to be an alpha/beta tester, especially if the game may not even come out.

IAmNotAMonster1503d ago

On one hand I like you can support development of a game and get the creators over the financial hump. On the other hand it's a gamble. Buyer beware.

darkronin2291503d ago

Good to see that at least some of the developers were open to talking about the issue. At least they own up to it.

I'd be wary of the ones who didn't respond...

Perjoss1503d ago

There is nothing wrong with supporting an early access game as long as you think you can get your moneys worth from the current build. If the game currently has enough content there to entertain you then go for it.

Always assume that this is all you're going to get, never assume you will get some amazing finished product later on. It might happen sure but don't count on it.

Sadie21001503d ago

Yeah, I agree. You almost have to look at it like you're backing a Kickstarter project.

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