Nintendo’s E3 Presentation May Have Leaked Through Social Media

In a reported leak through social media, by way of Facebook’s news feed, Nintendo’s entire E3 lineup may have leaked in photo form via Reddit.

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Jacktrauma1417d ago

Oh Nintendo, I have so much love for you! I hope you can make this work...I would hate to see you go the way of the Sega and just make software :(

MrSec841417d ago

I think some of this may be right, but I doubt this list is completely accurate, more like guesses.

Zelda is a cert because Nintendo have confirmed that themselves.
No doubt stuff on Bayonetta & X (not sure it's really called XenoMechs though that sounds like a cool name too me) will be unveiled, hopefully they'll both be 2014 releases, as with Smash & Mario Kart this would stand Wii U in a good position for the holidays.

I hope Nintendo has more things in surprise than this list suggests though.
The fact it's all so tidily on one piece of paper kinda makes this seem like it's not very legit.

NatureOfLogic_1417d ago

"I hope Nintendo has more things in surprise than this list suggests though."

What!? If that list is true, I'll be buying a WiiU next week.

DarthZoolu1416d ago

I don't want any more HD remakes from GameCube, I beat every single 1st Party GC game 100% years and years ago. I want new stuff! I am tired of playing the same stuff from Nintendo, Yes the games work great but they aren't ambitious enough! Change is a good thing! When I beat games completely i don't want to replay them unless I can play it differently the second time. I have never replayed any Zelda game because I got every item in every game, I do replay Elder Scrolls because I can play it completely differently the second or third time around.

punctualdork1416d ago


You aren't the only one who owns a Wii U. There are plenty of people who haven't played every first party Nintendo title on the GameCube.

sonypsnow1416d ago





Bobby Kotex1416d ago

Even if true, nothing on that list is remotely interesting.

n4f1416d ago

''Super Smash Bros for wiiu/3ds and nintendo U demo units will include a set of nfp figures of mario, link,samus and pikachu for demostration of the wiiu gamepad nfc compatibility with the software title.''

pretty sure the 3ds doesn't have nfc compability.

'' The Legend of Zelda: Unbound King'' - pretty lame title for a zelda game.

where is Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy for 3ds

''internal use only'' - yet the person appears on her bedroom, you most likely wont get out with a paper with internal use only.

stuff like these are NEVER and I repeat NEVER on paper, most likely on powerpoint, but NEVER on paper.

Tiqila1416d ago

I'm so looking forward to Zelda Unbound King. Though it will take ages until release I am completely hyped (without having seen anything of it yet).

And to those who fear Nintendo might go the Sega way, I find that highly unlikely. The Wii was a tremendous success and so is the 3DS. Wii U sales aren't good, but I remember the PS3 had to struggle too in its first year.

guitarded771416d ago

Anyone have a link to the source of the article since the author didn't put one? Can't find it on Reddit...

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gedden71417d ago

I agree but Nintendo is no where close to being like sega in terms of finances..

UltraNova1416d ago

Frankly, after the runaway success of the WII they can bleed millions for years to come.. No need to worry about Nintendo lets just keep loving them and all will be well.

I m getting a WII U by the end of the month to complete my gaming needs for this gen.

PeteyMcPickle1417d ago

As if people still think this is even a possibility. Nintendo have a LOT of money in the bank, and the 3DS is still printing money.

TimeSkipLuffy1416d ago

Pokemon is printing money as well

HollywoodLA1416d ago

3DS isn't printing anything. Nintendo is losing money, even with the 3DS having moderate success in a shrinking market.

Nintendo, as a company, is shrinking this gen.

Vegamyster1416d ago


Actually they're expanding their studios and plan on making a profit for next year.

indyman771414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Every company shrinks when it is within a year of launch, unless they just had a horrible previous gen. You usually go from selling close to a million a month to a few hundred thousand for the launch window.

And only a few third party games to get fees from as compared to the mature previous console. Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony did all slow in sales because of a generation change. The console business goes in cycles 4-10 years long, restart! Nintendo can bleed BILLIONS not just millions. 3ds has not lost money since it launched and is bank, ds is printing money. Wiiu sales is turning around plus they make a profit on each console sold. Sega lost money for over 15 years straight. And Nintendo only took a loss in one quarter loss, and it was a capitol reinvestment decision more than a lose on the wiiu.

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lilbroRx1416d ago

Too me this is dumb logic. Nintendo is doing better than Sony right now overall, yet people keep suggesting Nintendo becomes like SEGA and praising Sony like their is nothing wrong with them. It makes no sense to me.

silvacrest1416d ago

sony is more then just games, and by that all i mean is they have other avenues to go down to generate cash

Hisiru1416d ago

That's the problem... aside from the gaming division, Sony is doing extremely bad and as a company, it's having a lot of financial problems. The gaming division is the only one making profit, but it's not enough to compensate for the other divisions and that's why they are losing a lot of money.

Also, it's confirmed that Nintendo is worth more than Sony's entire company (all divisions) right now.

So yeah... lilbroRx is right. People is not using the right logic. Sony is the one in trouble, not Nintendo.

n4f1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

beat me to it

user56695101416d ago

Didn't we learn saying that on this site won't get you anywhere.

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bleedsoe9mm1416d ago

i saw project STEAM and got excited

360ICE1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Are you serious? I would love to see that. Nintendo are among the best in the software department, but when it comes to hardware, they're years behind.

Also, this list is incredibly fake. I mean, why wouldn't it be? This happens every year and it's hardly ever true.


Minus discs, practically EVERYTHING about Sony and MS consoles are built on Nintendo's designs and innovations!

user56695101416d ago

I find it funny people try to downplay Nintendo when they are the only one who tries something different. The others usually follow. Gamepad, motion controls, etc . People always living in denial. What are Sony and ms doing different. They are trying to be like PCs with a watered down experience. They are nickel and diming you and your happy to praise them. Gotta love gamers logic these days

360ICE1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )


I would never argue that Nintendo has not been massively influential, but at the end of the day, there's a difference between having been an innovator and being one.

I mean, consider the really great Nintendo games to have come out the last two generations. Wouldn't they have made just as much sense on a PlayStation? SMG/SMG2 would have been an easy port, and Mario Kart Wii could have looked close to Mario Karty 8.

Polygon counts may not matter THAT much, but AI, physics and scope do. Xbox/PS have pushed the boundaries there.

Also, PlayStation and Xbox have both been massively influential as well, and Nintendo's ability to adapt to these two, has been lacking.

Not sure why you think I try to downplay Nintendo. I didn't know using a tablet was something different. While the Wiimote was something different, neither the technology, nor the concept was new. Nintendo popularized it.

And how is PlayStation and Xbox nickle and diming me? Take a look at the other side of the fence. PS4 costs 399$, PS Plus has a 96% approval rating (or something like that). They have more DLC and things like that for sure, but then again I'm sure people spend just as much on Nintendo apparel and different controllers that didn't come with the Wii and Wii U as on DLC.

AJBACK2FRAG1416d ago

Lol! The developer of home video game consoles that are totally indestructable leaving the video game hardware business is fricking... insane.

pcz1416d ago

the most interesting thing about this list is the 'nintendo u'

is this a rebranding of the wiiu?

Nintendo U sounds a trillion times better, and its smart to drop the wii from the name so people arent confused. i hope the nintendo U is also redisigned to distance it further from the wii... at the moment they are practically identical.

i also hope the U is a lot cheaper.

No91416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Read the text at the bottom of the page, it starts... Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS AND Nintendo U demo units..... Sounds like 'Nintendo U' is a rebranded Wii U or maybe the system for "emerging markets" they announced a while ago.

deafdani1416d ago

For once, I agree with you. A rebranding for the Wii U, both in name and overall design, could be a good idea, just to give it a much clearer identity and allow people to understand that it's not a Wii controller or just a Wii in HD.

However, this list still looks fake as hell, so I don't think this is gonna happen. :P

Vegamyster1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

What makes you think that would happen? They're not even close to the situation Sega was in.

FamilyGuy1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

The Legend of Zelda: Unbound King = me finally picking up a Wii-U

Too bad "Pokken" wasn't "Pokemon", a Wii-U version would move hardware big time.

Moonman1416d ago

But it's a Pokémon fighting game that seems interesting. Only one image has been shown for the game......this is a off screen capture..

BullyMangler1416d ago

you dont sound confused (:

miyamoto1416d ago

that list looks as fake as can be LOL!

No_Limit1416d ago

Whoa...Nintendo on the front page and almost 1000 degree. You don't see that here everyday.

WiiUPS4gamer1416d ago

That's never going happen..Sorry to disappoint you

WiiUsauce1416d ago

this sh*t is fake as fu¢k. who the hell would believe this list, especially considering how secretive of a company Nintendo is, this sh*t would never fly.


Im sure buying some of Sony's IP's when they go under will help sell Nintendo hardware in the future.

Apex131416d ago

You do realise that they are a $16 Billion company? it's a long way to go before becoming Sega.

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ZodTheRipper1417d ago

That would be an underwhelming WiiU lineup to say the least. I don't think this is true and I'm expecting more this year.

JoeIsMad1417d ago

I think it's very legit. I don't really expect more from Nintendo, given that the console is already underwhelming, and they are developing another generation right now.

ZodTheRipper1417d ago

So you think companies use sheets of paper with complete lists of their showings and large "INTERNAL USE ONLY" writings on it?
Not to mention the stupid text that's underneath it.
"Below is a list of software to be showcased throughout E3 ..."
Yeah, sure.

wonderfulmonkeyman1417d ago

All console makers start concept development for their next gen once they've gotten their latest one out on the market.
They aren't abandoning the Wii U.
Haters gonna hate, please understand.

ritsuka6661417d ago

Agree, lame WII U line up. I hope this is false PLEASE.

-Foxtrot1416d ago

I really was expecting Starfox on the Wii U, why the 3DS when it has plenty coming out.

iplay1up21417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

How so? Zelda Unbound King, Nintendo U (bet that is a secret game), Fire Emblem, Hyrule Warriors, Super Smash, Sunshine HD, Wave Race HD, Xeno Mech, Bayonetta 2, Those are just the ones I want to play.

Nintendo could poop a DIAMOND and still people would hate.

Not saying it legit.

Rainbowcookie1417d ago

Nintendo is the only company that can poop a "poop" and it will have better gameplay than most modern games .

BattleN1417d ago

Zelda name seem's fake to me, dont think they finalized the name yet!

TripC501416d ago

I saw Nintendo U and thought that's their Skylanders figurine thing. All Nintendo characters in one game... Nintendo Universe.

n4f1416d ago

whoa I dind't think of that. And it's a brilliant idea.

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lizard812881416d ago

I agree it would be underwhelming, but with that said, it is the usual stuff people think will be at E3, Smash Bros, Zelda, ect.

From other lists, there are more games and even twitch has a list of games, that say unannounced, so we shall see.

Metallox1416d ago

The console it's called Wii U not Nintendo Wii U, that just says it all.

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majiebeast1417d ago

Pushmo world trailer tells me this list is fake the game already came out, no need to show a trailer for a game thats been out for a week. You dont see them showing a trailer for MK8.

JoeIsMad1417d ago

Pushmo World (known in Europe as Pullblox World and in Japan as Hikuosu World), will be released for Wii U on June 19, 2014.

majiebeast1417d ago

Huh? but the reviews are already out.

JoeIsMad1417d ago

Most occasions, titles will be reviewed before release if the developer doesn't set a date in their non-disclosure agreement for when you can talk about your review.

Give_me_head_strong1416d ago

You must be new to the gaming world, JoelsMad. Companies often have recently released/soon to be released game demos at trade shows including E3. This is fact.

Stevefantisy1417d ago

I really hope they have more than this for the wii u as well seems kinda weak.

thehobbyist1417d ago

*List containing over 15 games that appeals to most audiences*
"Kinda weak"

LAWSON721416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

I think it is weak, I do not see one surprise title. Except maybe Star Fox but IMO not taking advantage of Wii U for that kind of project is a mistake. Perhaps the surprise titles will only be teased during Direct event

bass4g1416d ago

@lawson72 that's why it's most likely fake, even last years e3 we got several surprised and that was heavily criticized for being a bit boring. This list is full of obvious guesses and longstanding rumours. Lists like this don't exist and if something like this was real it would hit main news sites, until it does consider it fake.

Lucreto1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

If they were to do a HD remake it was be Mario Galaxy collection not Sunshine.

Great now I want a Galaxy Collection.

JoeIsMad1417d ago

Didn't Sunshine come out WAY before Galaxy? I figured that that'd remake them pretty much in chronological order.

Lucreto1417d ago

It did but IGN called it the game of the generation. I would think they would capitalise on it while the iron is hot.

-Foxtrot1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Pretty much

In my opinion, as a platform game, I thought it was better then Galaxy

Galaxy had better music, visuals, graphics etc but I really loved Sunshines platforming so I hope it's true

Galaxy's platforming was alright but because of the small planets you hopped to with hardly no backtracking it felt like there wasn't much to explore in "some" levels. I think it only felt bigger because the illusion you were in space and the launch stars blasted you really far away to the next area.