Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Gamers You Might Have Played With

Celebs play games too says Chris from SuperCheats who gives a run down of ten celebrity gamers you may have played with.

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UltimateMaster1326d ago

Weird how they only put Xbox next to Robert William's name when he named his daughter Zelda...
That's clearly Xbox alright... *facepalm*

caseh1325d ago

Should have read it, it states the Xbox is his go-to console these days but he used to be a Nintendo nerd. :)

Agent_hitman1325d ago

Based on that thumbnail photo, Christina Aguilera is a gamer?. I'd say that I would love to play games with her.

user56695101325d ago

i would love to play with her box

Summons751325d ago

I wonder if Meagan Fox is better at games than she is at acting or if she's just awful at everything.

caseh1325d ago

Megan Fox should change her online tag to Megan-Xbox

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