Dead Rising 3 - First PC Screenshots Revealed

Here are the first screenshots from the PC version of Dead Rising 3.

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CyrusLemont1449d ago

Hopefully it has good optimization.

Marked1449d ago

Shouldn't be to hard to port, considering the architecture is built on x86. Just a matter of dealing with the esram non sense that xbox decided use.

I genuinely hope sony will release some of their exclusives on many good games and I still don't have the extra income for a PS4 :-(

Plagasx1449d ago

It's Capcom. All of their ports are perfect on PC :)

Clown_Syndr0me1449d ago

I thought this was an awesome game, so I hope you PC gamers enjoy it!
The DLC however was absolute garbage unfortunately.

BobbytheBuilder1449d ago

my only concern is optimization

ProjectVulcan1449d ago

The game has very high systems requirements which means it is probably just a straight port over.

Minimum GPU is a GTX570/Radeon 7870.

That's the highest I have seen of any game. However recent Capcom ports have had pretty good performance optimisations, and now GFWL is dead as well, it could be decent!

Lionalliance1449d ago

Ps4 version capcom, come on.

Septic1449d ago

They might as well to be honest.

BattleReach1449d ago

If they can make it for PS4 with a stable framerate (30 or 30+), then I'll buy it. XB1 version dipped to 20/16 at some points.

Brim1449d ago

i agree it was still one of the best games on Next gen ... i had loads of fun with my brother even though the boss fights are extremely easy with a 2nd.

KillerPwned1449d ago

Its time I either buy a new PC or upgrade mine.

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