Capcom’s E3 2014 lineup

Capcom has shared its official lineup for E3 2014. A total of five games will be featured at the expo.

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ritsuka6661170d ago

Dead Rising 3 for PC, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS devices, the just-announced Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy, and Ultra Street Fighter IV''

Only Dead Rising 3 interested me the rest is meh line up.

Palitera1170d ago

I already played through DR3, so nothing for me...

Neixus1170d ago

It's Dead Rising 3 that should be the 'meh' title here. Monster Hunter is awesome.

Chris0921170d ago

No Resident Evil or Deep Down? :(

Dark111170d ago

Deep Down is still unannounced for the west
i'm sure the game will be at Sony press conference.

Chris0921170d ago

Yeah i know but since they have used English voices (and others) in their traiers it kinda feels it will come to the whole world.

I really hope we get new information about Deep Down E3 one way or another.

FamilyGuy1170d ago

Hopefully they're secretly going to have them at E3 and just want it to be a surprise.

Chris0921170d ago

That's possible, at least for Resident Evil.

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