The Mortal Kombat X Box Art Is Missing Something

JM: Does Scorpion pull you in with the new Mortal Kombat X cover, or do you feel like this cover is just missing something?

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Majin-vegeta1328d ago

Dude that would be so freaking awesome :O.Make it happen Ed!!!!!!11

xX1NORM1Xx1328d ago

For some reason the site won't let me agree or reply but wearelegion that would be amazing I would hope that both characters would be on both consoles though as sub zero is my favorite and I can't afford a ps4 yet :(

WeAreLegion1328d ago

Even if they did do that, I'm sure all characters would be on both consoles. I would love to see that box art though.

Retaliation1328d ago (Edited 1328d ago )

I hope that box art isn't final, I'm sure it's temporary I mean come on, they have a whole year to change it lol. It's just too plain imo