Skype to bring the World Cup to Xbox One

Thanks to the Skype application on the Xbox One, it looks like viewers will be able to have parties even outside of their favorite bars. With the Xbox One and Skype, you won't miss a match of the 2014 FIFA World Cup

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n4gamingm1480d ago

That's awesome can't wait to watch the world cup since I don't have cable.😎🙏

Volkama1479d ago

I don't this this will help you, it just sounds like you can snap skype while watching TV as per usual but you can also get text notifications on the World Cup.

I think it's just quite a misleading article, and actually just a bad attempt to cover the World Cup app that was talked about yesterday.

Clown_Syndr0me1479d ago

Youre right, very misleading title. Shows alot of people here don't read the articles!

It is cool though that this is possible, a few years ago I would never of imagined being able to do this. Now its becoming the norm.

tlschwerz1479d ago

Sorry you feel like it's misleading. As the Xbox One allows you to run your cable through the system, Skype released a press statement yesterday describing the functionality. Using Snap and Skype, there is an integrated function for the World Cup. Nothing more, nothing less

tlschwerz1480d ago

Should be a nice avenue

bresy221479d ago

This has honestly got to be one of the most stupid pieces of sh!t i have read in a while. I mean who the hell is going to want to skype your mates while watching the football. If that's the case bring them round or go to theirs, or a pub. If they are all still out of you're reach then are you really that desperate to watch with your friends you have to skype them. This with the misleading title. Absolute balls.