51 DRIVECLUB details that might just blow your mind

How Evolution Studios’ PS4 racer is pushing back the boundaries

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xHeavYx1419d ago

The amount of detail and effort they put on this game is amazing

Freeball1419d ago

Well, with an extra year I would hope so.

Nine_Thousaaandd1419d ago

Next gen racing has doubt this will be the racing game to beat!

My 2 favorite videos of DC...

I can't wait to get my hands on this games!

UbiquitousClam1419d ago

That is more details then there are cars in the game.

SPARTAN31419d ago Show
FamilyGuy1419d ago

There are 55 cars in the game

Destrania1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

An absolute next-gen experience no doubt. Just another thing I love about Sony's 1st-party, attention to detail. Incredible. Now I just need the game haha

TheGrimReaper00111419d ago

Huh? I killed that guy over 2000 years ago

Phene1419d ago

1. It's nice to read this stuff after a delay

And 2. When you read stuff like this, you can't help but wonder what this game cost meticulous

FamilyGuy1419d ago

Day 1

This game is insanely detailed.

1419d ago
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Speak_da_Truth1419d ago

Taking 7 months to build one car I guess that's why there are just 55 cars in the game. They don't want to add cars that didn't receive the same attention to detail just to have more cars

Bundi1419d ago

Another racing game released last year with 200 odd cars all built meticulously from the ground up on a new engine but was torn to shreds for the "lack of cars."
I call double standards, especially since that racer also had to worry about actual gameplay mechanics for all those cars like car physics and all that jazz.

GarrusVakarian1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

And here you are again! LMAO. You need to take a step back and ask yourself why a PS4 exclusive, that you're never going to play, bothers you so much. You're embarrassing yourself.

And i love how conveniently warped your telling of past events are. The reason why people said 200 cars was unacceptable for Forza 5 was because past Forza games had twice the amount. It was in comparison to the old games, not a standalone judgement. So don't even go there.

"200 odd cars all built meticulously from the ground up"

DC's cars take SEVEN MONTHS to make, each. That's what i would call meticulous. They deemed the quality of each car more important than the quantity of cars on the roster at lower quality. Who are you to question their judgement? Want a racer with hundreds of cars on the roster? Go play Forza or Gran Turismo. But i'll be enjoying DC, with in-game car models that look better than Forza's Auto-Vista car models.

GameDev11419d ago


Can you please prove to me those 200 cars where built separately like Drive club?? Cause that would also be impressive

Also stop comparing arcade racer to sim racer

Compare Forza 5 to Gran Turismo not Drive Club

GarrusVakarian1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

Oh, and one other thing. I keep seeing you mention the fact that DC doesn't have "realistic physics", like that's some sort of negative....but if im not mistaken, the game has been advertised as an arcade-style racer from the beginning, and compared more to the likes of PGR, than games like Forza and GT, in terms of handling. So that's another failed trolling attempt you can tick off. The devs never aimed for realistic physics in terms of car handling, and never told us to expect it, so why you're attempting to use it against the game....i don't know.

Expecting sim-style car physics from this game is stupid, and only setting yourself up for disappointment. We will most likely get a racer than feels more akin to PGR than any other racer.

GribbleGrunger1419d ago

Actually Lukas, they DO have realistic physics for each car, but they adjust it slightly to make sure races are fun for everyone. That's why it's seen as a hybrid of both Sim and Arcade racer.

Iceman X1419d ago

Forza is arcade just like Drive Club lol. Forza was never sim, it tried and fell flat on it's face.

Phatty1419d ago (Edited 1419d ago )

lol, Forza has never been a sim on GT's standards... Forza looks very last gen looking to me, it should be compared to GT on the PS3. Let the big dogs get compared to Drive Club. If anything Drive Club probably has more in depth physics, just modified to make it fun to play for arcade fans too.

BitbyDeath1419d ago

Forza 5 was built on the 360 and ported to Xbox1.
It was not built from the ground up on nextgen.
Likely those cars came across from previous Forza games.

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pwnsause_returns1419d ago

GT5/6 premium cars take about 6 months to make according to PD..So i doesnt suprise me if Evo is saying the same here with Driveclub...Heck they need to make more details with cars since they're working on PS4. More Horsepower=more things you can do.

Immorals1419d ago

Takes 6 months for each car in forza, too.

If you're going to do it, do it properly, and the results are amazing!

Immorals1419d ago

Took 6 months for each car in forza 5.

What's impressive about driveclub is that the environment also has that much development time.

Good to see a game actually improved by its delay

mushroomwig1419d ago

I really hope this game does well, I only live a few miles from Evolution Studios and all the developers are so passionate about this game. They really deserve the success.

uth111419d ago

> Wildlife is realistically tied into the day/night cycle. You’ll see flies and butterflies only during the day, and moths and bats only at night.

Flies? Who needs flies in a racing game?

ZodTheRipper1419d ago

You'll change your mind once you see dead flies passted over your windshield. Details like these are what make it so much more immersive.

Aceman181419d ago

True dat, true dat I've been watching Isle of Man TT this week on Velocity channel and when the show the first type view the windshield guards on the bikes are pasted all over them Lol.

I give a great feel for the experience of bike racing. I just got this feeling this game is so going to rock I am super ready for it.

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