E3 2014: How can Microsoft win E3?

Take an in depth look at how Microsoft can position themselves to make sure they maximize their efforts with this years E3. As the event is right around the corner, these games will set Microsoft and the Xbox apart.

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AceBlazer131474d ago

Sony and Nintendo doesn't show up. XD I kid, I kid.

They just gotta show up and do what they always do.

NewMonday1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

if it's 3rd party games they will almost certainly be timed exclusive

some said DR3 will be X1 only but look what happened, the same will most likely happen to Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break. on the other hand games like inFAMOUS and the Order will always be exclusive on the PS4.

Spikes14711473d ago

Thing is MS owns Quantum Break ip (like Sony owns The Order). MAYBE it will come for PC (I took 2 years for Alan Wake to come on PC). But not PS4 or Ouya. Sunset Overdrive is owned by Insominac so it's debatable.

SuperBlunt1473d ago

Shite you beat me to it lol

brotherlymoses1473d ago

Sony and nintendo aren't a threat, OUYA is the real threat...

ElementX1474d ago

Why does a company have to 'win'?

Mega241473d ago

I'm asking myself the same question... I mean, do they win a trophy? How do they "win" exactly?

I'm tired of people saying, Sony won e3, or nintendo, or Microsoft, or f**king steam! No one won nothing.

Although I see E3 as the place where video games win in general.

MasterCornholio1473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

Well by having an amazing conference will convince more people to buy the system. Thats the main point of having a good showing at E3.

And no Microsoft nor Sony will be unlocking achievements/trophies with their conference they will just be able go convince people to buy their systems.

uth111473d ago

They win intangibles
buzz, hype, good press and influence people's purchasing decisions.

But I think it is possible for both companies to win.

MasterCornholio1473d ago

Because not all of them will have the same E3 conference. Some will be better than others and the one that is best wins E3.

But thats very subjective in my opinion. Some people believed that last E3 Microsofts conference was the worst while others believe it was the best.

Locksus1473d ago

To come up with new and refreshing ideas and games. That's pretty much all I can think of.

truefan11473d ago (Edited 1473d ago )

For those that questioned if MSFT had the momentum, this is proof. How many of these MSFT E3 prediction and how MSFT can win E3 articles have we seen in the last week. There are 2 on the front page alone.

SuperBlunt1473d ago

Being reasonable here hasnt sony had the same amount though? Doesnt help that they havent uttered a word

SniperControl1473d ago

Sony dont need to shout about it, it's not the way they operate, games past & present have done all the shouting for them, pretty sure E3 will be massive for them.

Saying that, E3 will be massive for MS as well, end result, we all win(well apart from the little fanboys on here)

avengers19781473d ago

Having articles about E3 does not have anything to do with momentum, if you want to talk about there momentum, look at there lackluster sales that are declining, and polls that show little to no interest in XB1...
Truth is MS needs a good E3 to help bring up sales, or there in series trouble with the XB1.

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The story is too old to be commented.