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Tyler Mitchell, GIZORAMA - "There is certainly a divide amongst gamers when it comes to the presentation of story in video games. Some feel it’s the most important aspect of a game, while others claim that gameplay trumps all. Machine Games, the development studio behind Wolfenstein: The New Order, apparently thinks a world can exist where great stories can combine with splendid gameplay and have created an experience that few other games can rival.

Wolfenstein: The New Order initially feels like yet another twitch shooter with loads of creepy Nazis and muscle-ridden American saviors, and in a sense, it certainly is. Though it has a pretty weak opening, which lasts about 30 minutes, the game quickly moves into uncharted territory for the Wolfenstein franchise. Sure, you can dual-wield assault rifles and shotguns, and yes, there’s some over-the-top sci-fi moments (like a Nazi moon base!), but the heart of Wolfenstein: The New Order lies within it’s wickedly sharp character development that, believe it or not, asks you to care about a character named B.J. Blazcowicz."

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