PlayStation Now could face an uphill battle

From VideoGameWriters: "In an era when nostalgia sells and seemingly everyone’s buying, several publishers are looking to capitalize in every way possible, but in Sony’s case, could this be over capitalization that will lead to a less successful PlayStation Now?"

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UltimateMaster1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

For a lot of people that didn't own a PS3 and would want to play some of the exclusive games. PS Now is for them.

For those who want to play PS3 games on the Go on the Vita. PS Now is for them.

This is a few potential buyers that might be interested in the service. I'm guessing it could be big in Japan if they play their cards right.

The games in the original Beta with God of War Ascension and The Last of Us was far more appealing than the current library of games they have Now.

ZodTheRipper1417d ago

It has crazy potential if all PS1, PS2, PS3 and maybe even PSP games are available. It's just very hard to market a service like this, Sony has to find the perfect balance in many regards. I'm definately interested in trying it out and I've also quite a few games that I would want to buy through PS Now ...but it needs to work flawlessly first and the prices have to be fair.

jackanderson19851417d ago

depends what you mean by "on the go" like walking around on 3G connections or using those free public connections I can see the games being awful as the internet connections from them are pretty awful

rainslacker1417d ago

PS Now is probably part of a much bigger plan to deliver gaming services to non-gaming related devices. I wouldn't be surprised to see PSNow enabled smart TV's in the very near future, offering a Netflix type experience like many smart devices do now, but for games.

It'll certainly have it's place on consoles, but I see a lot of people thinking way to short term. Streaming services are only getting bigger, and it's only natural for games to go that way as well. Sony is just getting a head start on the competition.

s45gr321415d ago

This service could also end up on Steam Machines, but if it's like Netflix as a service that would be huge. To just turn your Smart TV log in to Playstation Now, grab the PS4 gamepad and enjoy gaming goodness. That is the future of console gaming next generation.

jonboi241417d ago

It'll come down to pricing and content.

Septic1417d ago

Yessir. Oh and also technical performance.

brightlight1417d ago

I missed a lot a PS3 hits and I find it hard to go back playing to my PS3, so that would be very convenient to have access to all of this gems directly on PS4, especially if the service runs out smoothly.

DualWielding1417d ago

I just hope now is only for PS3 and use local emulation for PSone and 2

uth111417d ago

Didn't they announce local emulation for ps1 and ps2 some time ago?

DualWielding1417d ago

Not yet lots of rumors but nothing official

Delive1417d ago

To succeed, it has to be PLAYSTATION now, not ps3 now or ps retro now. Having access to the ps library across all platforms is required. Pricing for ps4 rentals would be more, but that is expected. I'm not interested in buying some ps4 games, but renting them for 3 days is on point.

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The story is too old to be commented.