Devil's in the details: why Driveclub might finally be the 'next-gen' we were promised

IN DEPTH If Driveclub's environs don't impress PS4 gamers, nothing will

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BigBosss1323d ago

The delay was a good idea. Cannot wait for this game :)

GarrusVakarian1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Me too, the attention detail in this game is OCD-like.

"Evolution measured the exact distance traveled by light reflected through the thin layer of wax on the headline"


There's no doubt in my mind that this game will be the best looking, and most detailed racer ever made. The gameplay video's we have seen already prove the former, imo, hopefully the game has a photo-mode so we can appreciate the attention to detail even better.

"Thinner air creates different sunsets, so the higher you are, the more different it looks"

It's crazy to me that there are people on the dev team who know this and would deem it important enough to include it into their game. I even remember reading months ago that the screws for the floor mats are the correct size, and all of the starts in the sky are in the correct's just crazy.

ZodTheRipper1323d ago

It really comes crazy close to photorealism. I just hope the game itself can do the visuals justice.

GarrusVakarian1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

"Each car took around seven months to build. And here's something else that might blow your mind: the temperature gauges on the car dashboards actually work."

This is like the GTA of racing games in terms of attention to detail. I can't believe they have gone to these lengths, makes the wait to play it even harder to endure.

uth111323d ago

Is all this really necessary? I mean, who really cares if they got screw sizes right?

Septic1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

LMFAO! That head 'splosion gif is brilliant. Gonna jack that!

Now here's hoping the gameplay is good!

GarrusVakarian1323d ago


I think the point in devs mentioning unnecessary details like those is because they want you to know that if they are so dedicated to making sure even the smallest aspects are realistic, then it will gives buyers the reassurance that the rest of the game will be up to the same standard.

For that very reason, i don't think they're pointless at all.

fenome1322d ago


No, it's not all necessary, but it's called having passion for your craft. Personally, I love attention to detail and appreciate the lengths some of these development teams go through to fine-tune their creations. You can tell when someone takes pride in their work, it shows.

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Walker1323d ago

Looks fantastic, best looking racing game ever by miles !

Chuk51323d ago

The term "next-gen" is snake oil. Gaming press have been clamoring for something that feels next-gen, I have played stuff on my ps4 and felt a different sensation altogther from the last gen. Next-gen gameplay is a buzz word.

mcarsehat1323d ago

I'd like to see a comparison with Project Cars :)

That' the thing though, people don't go on "the details" they judge on what they see first, the whole picture (which is wrong.)

GarrusVakarian1323d ago

That's why i think a photo-mode is important. Why go to these lengths with attention to detail if you aren't going to give users the chance to appreciate them fully?

Look at Infamous SS, as soon as the devs implemented the photo-mode feature, we saw incredibly detailed screenshots of things we missed without it.

A photo-mode will give people the chance to notice things they wouldn't have otherwise, and then the next time they race, they will know about those little details happening at that very moment and it will add to the overall experience.

mcarsehat1323d ago

Yeah, a photo mode add-on for the share button would be genius.

For me, they need to support 3d Blu-Rays first :P

Bennibop1323d ago

Its funny there are none of the usual Xbox fanboys on here telling us that Driveclub is rubbish because it is 30fps not 60 since it was announced Forza Horizon 2 is also 30fps.

Phatty1323d ago

Almost, Thundercats below has something to say about that. lol.

Muzikguy1323d ago

Or how Forza5 is the best racing game to date? Or "of course Driveclub looks better, it was delayed 9 months!" I'm excited for this game without even clicking on the link!

marlinfan101323d ago

And posting comments like this will only start the exact arguments youre talking about

dcj05241322d ago

Exactly. He's the guy on YouTube who says "Hey look! No thumbs downs! "

Antwan3k1323d ago

In fairness, is Driveclub open-world?.. If both games are open-world, then yea 30fps makes since.. I dont there has ever been an open world racer that runs at 60fps (Burnout Paradise maybe?).. But if Driveclub is a closed track racer, then obviously there's a direct comparison to be made with the 1080p/60fps closed track racer that is Forza Motorsport 5.. At that point, apples to apples, Forza 5 is 60fps vs 30fps on Driveclub..

Now before all the comments come in about baked lighting and etc, keep in mind that both these games were meant to be launch titles.. Forza 5 made it to LAUNCH with 1080p/60fps while Driveclub has been given an additional year of development time..

sovkhan1323d ago

For better results...

That is the most important point.

Belasco1323d ago

I am an Xbox fan and I think Drive Club looks amazing, silly to say otherwise.

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