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If you are looking for a game to really show you the potential of your Xbox One or Playstation 4, then look no further than Watch Dogs

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ParanoidFreak1451d ago

This is why hyping a game can be a bad idea. People get so enamored with the glitz, glamour, and eye-candy so much so that when the actual product is finally out, it has no chance of meeting expectations.

Look at the new MK... CGI-rendered visuals but where is the actual gameplay? Call me old-school, but unsubstantiated hype needs to go.

Muzikguy1451d ago

I agree and I think more people are starting to feel this way. I'm tired of being shown a game years ahead of release, or using multiple "high end" pcs that show target renders not representing the final product. We have 10times more memory this gen and I'm not seeing enough good out of it yet!

I do think WD is a good game. It could've definitely been better though with all the extra RAM now and more GPU power. I think the cross gen release hurt the game

3-4-51451d ago

Back in the 90's most of the time you would here of a game like 2 weeks before it released so there wasn't even a chance to over hype it.

You heard about it, saw it on tv, and then 1-2 weeks later you were playing that game.

I have to purposely control how much info I intake on certain games because you can seriously spoil or ruin the initial experience of a game with reading too much into and getting too hyped about it.

* Go in thinking it will be decent to ok, and you almost always will be pleasantly surprised.

How many games actually lived up to their hype completely ?

Neonridr1451d ago

Using the word crippled in a review would tend to lead to a very negative score. 8.2/10 doesn't sound like a game that is crippled in any shape or form.

Muzikguy1451d ago

8.2 definitely isn't a bad score. Although with all the hype this game had.... GTA games get near perfect scores. It's still good though I agree

Visiblemarc1451d ago


Personally, I think the game is fantastic.

SeraphimBlade1451d ago

"Crippled" probably isn't the ideal word, though I get what the author's saying. It's still a very good game, just not the masterpiece a lot of people envisioned, which can make some see the final product as being worse than it actually is.

bixxel1451d ago

They mean to say that it's a great game but that people don't realize it is because they expected "too much".

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Boody-Bandit1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

All I keep hearing is how this game was ruined (now crippled) by the hype (which was mostly media driven. You know, those that rate the games) yet, not only did this site rate it over 8 (a great score by any standards) but so did the rest of the gaming media. Considering this game has an overall average rating above 8.

Now only that but this game is selling beyond expectations. Can someone, anyone, explain to me how this game was crippled or ruined when it has a great overall rating and is selling in the millions?

*SMDH and walks away*

The media is what is crippling / ruining this industry. They live off of sensationalism and negativity and then crying foul / victim (Yes Adam Sessler I'm looking at you). We deserve better. As do the developers that try so hard to bring us new IP's like Watch Dogs.

I am having a great time playing this game. I completed the campaign a few days back and now I'm going through all the side missions and 100% completion. I only do that with games I thoroughly enjoy. Overall I would give it an 8.5. I don't buy into any hype and always wait to judge for myself. I wasn't disappointed but pleasantly surprised with WD. I'm just hoping the next iteration isn't a cross gen game so they can take full advantage of the new hardware and up the AI and graphics a bit.

KonsoruMasuta1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

Watchdogs is still a great game; it's not just what people expected it to be. People were expecting a game with visuals that were similar to the E3 2012 footage and gameplay that truly revolutionized the sandbox genre.

Ubisoft kept telling us that this game was going to be earth shattering and how it was going to change the sandbox genre forever. Even though it was a good game, it did not do either of these.

People were expecting perfect 10s. This is a perfect example of how too much hype can ruin an experience for some people. People start to expect too much and the experience isruined bbecause it doesn't live up to every expectations.

This is one of the reasons I never give into the hype. I take a game for what it is.

bixxel1451d ago

Wonder why u got disagrees....

frelyler1451d ago (Edited 1451d ago )

I think what hurt the game was footage which was shown TWO years ago does not match the final product at all. The version from two years ago was what caught everyone's eye. With graphics that pretty people were impressed and made note of it's visuals. Then when it comes out 24 months later and has nowhere near the cool effects and underlying graphical features that comes down to the company's presenting a falsehood to people to gather interest which is wrong. It's false advertisement in a sense and these companies need to be called on it because it's not cool. Unfortunately the lies Ubisoft shoveled at us were not enough to stop it from being a huge success sales wise.

--bienio--1451d ago

Im happy to say for me Watch Dogs is GOTY so far. Thank you.

Neonridr1451d ago

I am really enjoying the game too. I think the hacking parts really add a cool new layer to an open world game like this.

Is it perfect? No of course not, but that doesn't mean it can't be lots of fun.

bixxel1451d ago

Games are meant to be fun.Not perfect.