Updated Caffeine demo adds enhanced lighting and UE 4.2 optimisations

The Rift Arcade - Development continues apace on the up-coming horror FPS game Caffeine. Today the games developer Dylan Browne released an updated demo build of the game that adds advanced graphical settings to the games menu, Unreal Engine 4.2 optimisations and a new 64-bit core. Here's the full release log:

Release Notes:
•Advanced Graphical Settings (In Launcher)
•64-Bit Core
•Enabled Developer Console (For Tweaking Oculus Settings)
•Enhanced Lighting
•Upgraded To Unreal Engine 4.2 Base (FPS increase observed on my mid level system)
•If your reflections look a little fuzzy, try hitting ~ and typing in “r.SSR.Quality 4″ without quotes and hit enter.

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