Halo vs Uncharted: who will win E3 2014?

What will be E3 2014′s game of the show? vg247 takes a look at the heavyweights headed to downtown L.A. and place some informed bets.

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Rickgrimes951175d ago

Yea an halo is for halo fans I just said the one I'm most excited for just an opinion

crxss1175d ago

Uncharted will win at E3. Halo will sell more.

mcstorm1175d ago

How about the gamers win as we get 2 great games as we all know UC and Halo are amazing games but two different game too.

alexkoepp1175d ago

Just look at sales history, Halo crushes Uncharted. Of course Halo wins its not even a competition.

Septic1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Personally, Im a big Halo fan and it's one of my best gaming franchises of all time.

Uncharted may wow gamers more though because it will blow our expectations wide open with its visuals.

Both games are in a class of their own but Halo did more for the industry as a whole and will for me, always be king.

Still, being such a big fan also means Im one of its biggest critics and if it doesn't live up to the hype then I'll be the first to say so.

Both are mammoth franchises though. Let's see which game generates more buzz!

CernaML1175d ago

Just look at GOTY awards history, Uncharted crushes Halo. Of course Uncharted wins its not even a competition.

805Junior8051175d ago

I doubt halo will sell more, Halo 5 will be on Xbox One only and Uncharted will Be on PS4 only, respectively, who has the larger instal base?

VforVideogames1175d ago

may be uncharted, god of war, killzone and (adyourfavoritegamehere) combined vs HALO.

Revolver_X_1175d ago


Just GT7 son, just GT7

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truefan11175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Halo because it's the full package. 343i have proved they can provide a fantastic single player, and with the help they brought in for the multiplayer, no other game can match that balance. (PS I enjoyed Halo 4 mp). Uncharted is a solid game, but Halo is just on another level. Slide Halo in at the #2 or slot for most iconic gaming franchise behind Mario.

Also people love to compare console sales, can we compare the software sales of Halo and uncharted? halo4 $220 million in 24 hours, not to mention Halo went head to head with multiplat Call of Duty for years. I think its safe to say Master Chief is more known than Nathan Drake.

We all know the point of this article so I participated.

LazyGoron1175d ago

Halo 5 will flop, similar to most of what MS has done this generation. Every single thing MS has done since the X1 reveal is:

Hype (gauge reaction) - change stance - attempt to purchase 3rd party exclusives - hype (gauge reaction) - repeat

BTW there are more Honda's sold than Ferrari's, doesn't make the Honda better.

Septic1175d ago


Quite a silly post and obviously showing some insecurity.

Halo 5 will flop? Lol you wish.

And your Honda vs Ferrari comparison is laughable.

hankmoody1175d ago


LMAO Uh... no. Halo 5 is not going to flop. You might wish that it will but it won't.

805Junior8051175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Pokemon is behind Mario as the most iconic gaming franchise. Halo is iconic in the US behind Call Of Dury. You are a trueXboxFan boy... Halo won't do as well as it's predecessors unfortunately. Titanfall flopped, did well, but flopped and it released across Xbox consoles and pc. Halo will be Xbox one only, it won't do well. Decent, but will once again not expectations.

mrpsychoticstalker1175d ago

Obviously Halo, the first Halo revolutionized the gaming industry. It still serves as an inspiration for many other games.

Halo 5 is set to keep its reputation.

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Dirtnapstor1175d ago

Is there a real question here? Uncharted hands down. I've enjoyed Halo, and Guardians may be great, but more than likely it'll be a rehash of Reach (which was the best imo).

beans1175d ago

Really? I thought Reach sucked in comparison of Halo Combat Evolved imo.

On topic both will be great showings so neither will win unless one is by far graphically superior then the other.

Ghost_Nappa1175d ago

Reach was a bastard on legendary solo.

OpieWinston1175d ago

Reach was far from the best.
Halo 2 best MP
Halo 4 best Campaign
Halo 3 ODST best Co-op

And how is Halo 5 a rehash of Reach? Reach made a bunch of half measures, which pushed 343 to make those full measures in 4.

They've got tons of feedback from it so I imagine that 5 will be NOTHING like Reach.

And there's no way to answer that question until we see both games, so you saying "Uncharted hands down" just fits your picture.

Dirtnapstor1175d ago

@ beans
Yes the original was really good. For me, by the time Reach rolled around, it was a refreshing take on the series.

@ Opie
ODST should have been called Orbital Drop Ship Sleeper! Lol! I think they put together all the cutting room floor segments from everything else into one game.
The fourth installment was really good also. I hope for the best with Guardians.

As I stated below, both will be incredible for their own cannot really compare the two, for they are entirely different creatures.

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DigitalRaptor1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )

Both different genres. Neither are coming out this year. Only one will blow minds graphically. At least some of us have the decency to admit that both games have the potential to excel for their respective consoles.

Bigpappy1175d ago

I would just say that if I was surrounded in battle and the both show up, I am going where ever Master Chief is going. Not only that, but I hope they attack.

plaZeHD1175d ago

Agreed. IMO Halo has always been too damn boring, but to each their own.

LonDonE1175d ago

BOTH!! I will be buying both on day 1! both are great games and both usually have great graphics and game play.
Why does one have to win over the other? why cant both be winners? I cant wait to play the next halo game on my X1 which I know for sure will be THE GAME to show off to the doubters just what the X1 can achieve.

People who think X1 us not capable of 60fps games with stunning graphics are delusional.
However people who also think X1 will be able to catch up or surpass the PS4 power are even more delusional! even with the so called DX12 and cloud(LMAO).
Halo 5 multi player should be EPIC at 60fps!

I know for a fact uncharted on PS4 will set the graphical benchmark for consoles games as soon as its released. Uncharted 2 to this day looks amazing and most importantly plays great too.
I think the true winners are the core gamers who are able to put childish fan-boy rubbish aside and embrace being a true gamer who owns and games on all platforms! or at the very least if not as fortunate to buy all platforms, still remains objective and appreciates that every game and platform have their pro's and con's.

jnemesh1175d ago

Considering Halo 5 isn't going to be released until after NEXT e3, Uncharted. Why even show games that won't ship until fall 2015???

No_Limit1175d ago

Neither, Wii U Zelda will Win!!!

FamilyGuy1175d ago

It depends on your definition of "winning".

Uncharted takes on awards like no other and typically raises the bar on visuals and entertaining story telling.

Halo has a massive following with the sales to back it up with a storyline/universe that many fans love and can't wait to get back into. Halo games are fun and their online multiplayer communities last for yeeears.

With Bungie now tied up with Destiny it will be interesting to see where MS takes Halo and if it can still live up to its predecessors.

BLow1175d ago

Why not both. As a gamer, I want both to win. Both will be amazing!!!

liquidhalos1175d ago

Both hopefully, I'm really looking forward to playing them, after recently playing Uncharted 3 I'm now a big fan if both. 2 great examples of different genres

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Ctiboi20101176d ago

Both maybe? I don't know why there has to be a winner since they're both great games...not everything has to be a competition.

Clover9041175d ago

Great games, in two different genres no less.