Aiden Pearce: The most boring protagonist since Alex Mercer

Dealspwn: "Good God, Aiden Pearce is boring. Another one of those characters who mistakes having a growl for a voice and a long list of cookie-cutter grievances for being someone with depth and drama to their persona. Aiden isn't a particularly interesting character, he doesn't inspire empathy, sympathy, admiration or anger. I tried to sum up some of his more notable qualities and I ended up staring at a blinking cursor on a blank page for a good ten minutes."

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GarrusVakarian1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

Same here. He had no emotion apart from anger every now and then. He wasn't likeable at all imo, i didn't care about him or his story.

Connor from AC3 and Aiden Pierce have got to be two of the most bland, depressing, and boring characters Ubisoft have ever come up with.

And dat Batman voice...LOL.

bixxel1508d ago

Every single video game character doesn't need to be too emotional.It's all about personal likes.Just because one guy says Aiden's a bad character doesn't make him bad.People have their own likes.

GarrusVakarian1508d ago


I didn't say i wanted to him to be emotional, just at least show some emotion...other than anger. Imo, he's just a shallow, boring, one dimensional, depressing character.

Naga1507d ago

Wow. I actually found Aiden's character compelling and dynamic. Maybe it's just me being taken by the story and atmosphere, but I honestly thought the character elements of the game to be exceptionally well developed.

I've been insulating myself from a lot of outside opinion on the game up until now, so I'm finding this sort of opinion kind of shocking. I had no idea people felt that way.

Septic1508d ago

Yeah he really is dull.

********SPOILER ALERT**************

When he says cheerio to his sis n the lil one, he's basically like, "ye aite...peace...see you...never again".

I was wondering wtf...don't you care?! Look at the kid's eyes! Look at them!

I didn't feel any sense of urgency from him whatsoever. When ****INFAMOUS SPOILERS**** Delsin got pissed off, you could feel it (minus some retarded unscripted dialogue). I felt those feels

**************END SPOILER**************

OpieWinston1508d ago

That whole good bye sequence was because he was realizing he was consumed by the vengeance. When he lost his niece he had died a little on the inside, and that had grown into an ocean of anger and loneliness.

There's plenty of back story for the character if you listen to his audio clips, hell the game had Aiden feeling pity for Maurice if you find all the Burner phones.

The only problem is the game made a lot of the backstory hidden behind a wall of collectibles.

But I don't know how people could find the character dull. Aiden pearce was the main thing that had drawn me into the game in the first place. That Epic voice with the line "You're going to deliver a message for me" *Gunshot* in the E3 2012 demo.

If they don't have Aiden as the protagonist in the next Watch Dogs I'll be disappointed. The first game helped Aidens character develop a lot. And you can tell he'll continue being the vigilante in other cities.

e-p-ayeaH1508d ago (Edited 1508d ago )

## spoilers about infamous games ##

im sorry but delsin is pretty pathetic as a character his brother dropped into the sea and didnt even went there to save him...what kind of brother is that!?

now cole from infamous 1 there you could feel the rage after trish death and cole´s personality gets development after that , delsin didnt learned a damm thing.

Baccra171508d ago

I can't talk for Pearce but Alex Mercer wasn't boring and had great potential due to inner conflict and "identity" issues. Had we followed up on him rather than "gruff black guy there only because he's black," we'd have a Prototype 3.

timmyp531508d ago

One of the main reasons I still haven't gotten the game yet I just keep looking at the guys face.

die_fiend1508d ago

Yeah he is very dull. Not a bad game though, but if you're going for a franchise, you need a good lead

Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if the next game has a different protagonist, maybe someone from dead sec or something.

Blues Cowboy1508d ago

I'd love for Jordi to be the next main character.

bixxel1508d ago

He reminds me of Agent 47 who's good at concealing crimes.And then Moriarty from Sherlock Holmes.Wish we could do stuffs like that.

Deividas1508d ago

Yea his character is a lit bit bland, but the game itself was fun as hell. Just finished it last night. I enjoyed it

Clown_Syndr0me1508d ago

I am loving this game, but I do agree with this. Hes a pretty crap character. I don't mind though, I play the game how I want to without characters emotions/personalities having any impact.

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