Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor E3 2014: CG Trailer Gravewalker

This trailer showcases protagonist Talion on his quest for vengeance alongside the immortal Wraith Spirit bound to him by an unbreakable curse. Like Talion, this wraith seeks revenge against Sauron and his evil army.

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JamieReleases1416d ago

Looking forward to this, never can really get enough of the LOTR games hehe. Even if they are bad, but I don't think anything will trump conquest.

bixxel1415d ago

The game will be a GOTY contender for sure.Pls somebody add bubble.

bixxel1415d ago

All E3 trailers are starting to get leaked.I'm waiting for AC Unity.The news that Unity protagonist has a hidden crossbow as a new weapon got me intrigued.

Sketchy_Galore1415d ago

I just wish makers of licensed games would learn that we like the original properties because of their tone, pacing, direction etc and that simply putting a Michael Bay experience in that game world is not what we want. Maybe I should be speaking just for myself here but I really am tired of playing through Star Wars, Lord of the rings and many other worlds as if they were directed by a Michael Bay.