Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS4 Version Gets Fantastic Gameplay Sneak Peek Ahead of E3

During the latest episode of the webcast Kojima Station legendary Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima presented a new video sneak peek on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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nrvalleytime1445d ago

I have missed the box so much.

But... this game needs to come out soon. I love the gameplay, but you can tell it's cross-gen for sure.

BiggCMan1445d ago

Really?? I highly disagree. I have Ground Zeroes in PS4 and it looks absolutely amazing. It looks and feels worthy of next gen. This video is partially low quality though, even in HD, but Ground Zeroes looks incredible on PS4, Phantom Pain will as well.

And OMG WHEN HE CAME OUT OF THE BOX I SCREAMED!!! It's so obvious that I can't believe it's only NOW being added!!! IT STILL FEELS LIKE METAL GEAR PEOPLE!!!

RevXM1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

it looks good, but a few things and most noticable is textures, foliage and polycounts/geometry detail that doesnt make it up to the level of next gen only games.

Shadow fall, Ryse, Driveclub, Infamous.

That is not to discredit the game because IT LOOKS amazing for a cross gen game and the lighting and some dynamics in general seem like great tech innovations, who could really believe it when Kojima said that these graphics were on ps3/360? I was mind blown for sure.

nunley331445d ago

awesome video, anybody else noticed the missing XBONE version when the other 3 were there?

Aloren1445d ago

They speak Japanese, so I imagine it's a japanese show, and there's no xbox one in Japan yet.

showtimefolks1445d ago

its still funny Kojima prefers sony's platforms yet comes out on MS's e3 conference lol. Than releases a video showing ps4 version is the best out of consoles

ultimate trolling lol

modesign1445d ago

did kojima give that chick the "solid snake"

vivid831445d ago

cant wait this is gonna take up my life for a while

MilkMan1445d ago

Theres some silly ass sh!t going on there. But whatever that's been going on for at least a decade.

Just hope this title has kept up with modern stealth/action games. Theres been a ton of work done since the last MGS.

BiggCMan1445d ago

For one thing, Metal Gear doesn't keep up with other games, it revolutionizes on its own.

But if you played Ground Zeroes you would know that it remains the best of the best when it comes to stealth action. As short as it is, the gameplay is still representing what Phantom Pain will be like, and it is amazing.

Everything is so smooth and seamless, the stealth works incredibly well and is very intense. I turn off the slow-mo business though cuz I really dislike that stuff, never even tried it out cuz I turned it off the moment I put the game on.

I also turn off hit markers and screen icons, the game was just meant to be played like this and it's so amazing.

Dirtnapstor1445d ago

Agreed, GZ was awesome! Kojima is indeed a master creator. My only dislike of GZ was the "plastic" reflective properties on surfaces, especially on the characters. Not so much stealth with high gloss :). Otherwise mint!

KingKelloggTheWH1445d ago

I'm a huge metal gear fan, heck the MGS1 is what made me a gamer but "For one thing, Metal Gear doesn't keep up with other games, it revolutionizes on its own. " is no longer true, MGSV is following other games now, while MGS1-4 where trend setters mgsv is following them, with the inclusion of slow-mo( Splintercell/Hitman) and the ability to see through walls to follow people ( Kinda like Batman and Hitman or even the last of us) these things are not revolutionary, not to mention the regenrating health of games like COD,Halo and Uncharted.MGS is following with this title.

Whether that is good or bad is up to you.

ShinFuYux1445d ago

Is there a way to play this game in Japanese voice overs? I really refuse to accept the fact that David Hayter is gone.

HappyWithOneBubble1445d ago

Well you gonna have to accept it. I prefer David too but after playing Ground Zero for 10+ hrs I'm use to Kiefer and he really did Snake well.

Dirtnapstor1445d ago

Kiefer does a fine job, but maybe, just maybe Hayter isn't out of the loop... with the whole cloning theme that had progressed, who knows what may become. If he was in the game, that'd be sweet! It would be the biggest ruse in gaming history!

Darrius Cole1445d ago

I tried not to co-sign on this but I have to.

Kiefer Sutherland is Jack Bauer. David Hayter is Snake, Solid and Naked. When I remember them what the character Snake said, it's in David Hayter's voice, even the conversations in GZ where the voice actor was actually Kiefer Sutherland.

Hopefully, this is an attempt to separate the voices of Naked Snake from Solid Snake in game in the near future.

I say that because Naked Snake's timeline is about to catch up to Solid Snake, so this generation we may get a game that stars the both of the.

likeaboss3021445d ago

I would love to see Ground Zeros end with playing Solid Snake in the original Metal Gear.

snookiegamer1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )


'Is there a way to play this game in Japanese voice overs? I really refuse to accept the fact that David Hayter is gone'.

LMAO!! Quit acting as though you were married to the guy..or go play the previous titles in the series, whilst gamers enjoy this Masterpiece in the making.

Kiefer Sutherland is now Solid Snake, you've had plenty of time to 'Get Over It'! Your comment comes over as spoilt and overly privileged ;/

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