Something Related To Final Fantasy's Lighting to Appear on Famitsu After E3: "Many Surprises" Teased

Famitsu Editor tweeted today something definitely interesting in the form of a picture from an article that will appear in the post E3 issue of Weekly Famitsu next week.

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Ksar1234d ago

Final Fantasy XIII : Trilogy

Day one for me :)

Abriael1234d ago

Could be, the Japanese are throwing all kinds of wild theories, including Lighting appearing in XV

NovusTerminus1234d ago

I know this rumor... and I really hope it's wrong.

MrSwankSinatra1234d ago

If square know what's good for them, they wont put lightning in FFXV.

Summons751234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

It's plausible considering the ending and that FFXV is heavily based off the later lore of Fabula Nova Crystallis. It'd be nice to see a cameo, by her even if it's just in the background of a scene.

AnimeFreak0131234d ago

God I hope not seriously no more anything that has to day with that lighting B. Just let the x13 series die already as the worst FF games in history of FF. On the other hand I really want to see more of FFXV maybe finally a release date or more info on the gameplay and a little bit of the story.

Kurisu1234d ago

Lightning has replaced Stella...

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matgrowcott1234d ago

An appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3, perhaps?

nope1111234d ago

Totally plausible. In fact, i'll be surprised if she doesn't make a cameo on KHIII.

sinncross1234d ago

I think Lightning in KH3 and a FF13 trilogy bundle are the most likely theories.

MegaRay1234d ago

Pretty much... plus an HD trilogy for PS4/1 ... and also FF XIII-4 Lightning Returns once again!

Inception1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

My guess they will announced this:

FF 13-4: New Hope
FF 13-5: Lightning Strikes Back
FF 13-6: The Return of Lightning
FF 13-7: Somebody Kill Lightning
FF 13-8: Lightning!!!
FF 13-9: Godspeed Lightning

Duoma1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

lmao i dont know why idiots downvoted you , some people cant appreciate good sarcasm lol

Inception1234d ago

No worries mate :)
Some people can't let go their silly console wars or have a bit of chuckle with other member just for a day :)

mydyingparadiselost1234d ago

Nah, they'll just call it Final Fantasy:Ruination of Dreams and be done with it. I hope...

Slade231234d ago

the 4th,5th and 6th killed me right there. LMAO. you deserve a bubble lol

Inception1233d ago

Thx u mate. I bubble+ u and all people in here. Cheers :D

dumahim1234d ago

I hope they announce her retirement.

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Edi0071234d ago

ff 13 trilogy DE for ps4 and xbone

black0o1234d ago (Edited 1234d ago )

I'd buy it in a heartbeat

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The story is too old to be commented.