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"Card Collecting Games (CCGs) are so hot right now. From the mega successes of Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and the Armello Kickstarter, through to promising ports like Infinity Wars and crazy offshoots like the Street Fighter inspired Yomi, a new generation is reconnecting with the addictive thrills of card-based strategy experiences. Time then for the series that started it all, Magic the Gathering, to make a statement of intent." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1446d ago

I know this game has been growing extremely well over recent years, but sure Hearthstone will eat into some of that this year?

colt-of-tipton1446d ago

Hearthstone probly will take a slice of sales but its just magics art that does it for me.

SlappingOysters1446d ago

Have you seen Armello at all? That's a game that has pulled me in with its art.

CoyoteHunter1446d ago

Despite Hearthstone coming into the picture, I still think Magic is the best CCG out there. Magic requires more strategy and tactical prowess to do well. That, and at times, a bit of luck ;)

wynams1445d ago

No PS love, not buying it.