The Bluffer’s Guide to E3: What To Expect From EA

Things haven’t been going that well for EA over the past few years. Sure, income is up, but revenues are down and the shareholders are none too happy about it. After long-term CEO John Riccitello quit the company last year citing poor financial performance and the company went into E3 2013 without a permanent head. In fact, EA remained in this rather sorry state of affairs until September when Andrew Wilson was named the new CEO, surprising everyone who had assumed that Peter Moore was a shoe-in for the role.

Which makes this E3 interesting for EA. Whilst it’s too early in the game for him to have actually changed anything significant, as Wilson’s first E3 in the big chair it’s the first opportunity for him to demonstrate the direction towards which he plans to move the company and to consolidate his power by proving to the board and shareholders that the company is safest under his tenure. Last time a new EA CEO did this we got Mirror’s Edge and Dead Space out of the deal, so the...

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