What we want from E3: Sony

E3′s gaming convention always brings copious amounts of gaming news from releases and hardware. On June 9th, at 6:00 pm Pacific, Sony will be holding their press conference. Below is a list of predictions and hopeful discussions from the APV staff members.

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Stoppokingme1354d ago

I think Sony owners know exactly what to expect and they won't be disappointed, and everything else will be a tidy bonus.

Speaking of tidy, I hope to hear of a sequel to Ni No Kuni.

Immorals1354d ago

Games games games.

No PS Now. E3 is about the future of gaming, not living in the past.

lelo1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

I agree... Don't care about PS Now nor old game. Also all these remakes and remastered games (made for a quick buck), they can keep them, not interested. I want new games, new experiences.

Spotie1354d ago

And yet every new game builds on the past.

Let's not say stupid things.

SaintAlpha1011354d ago

Large variety of games, Action, RPG, Platformer, Shooter. etc, Crash Bandicoot PS4 reveal would be really nice.
No PS Now or Morpheus, both of those would be a waste of conference time.

remanutd551354d ago

What i want to se at the press conference is less talk about sales and more about games, i dont want to see sony wasting time announcing new ps3 titles instead use that time for the vita, this is how i want the conference to go:
Brief talk about ps platforms sales
Full info on psnow
10-20 minutes about morpheous
20-30 minutes about psvita:
New Sly Cooper announcement
Exclusive God of War announcement
Exclusive inFAMOUS announcement
Memory cards and system price drops
Vita tv
64 gb memory card priced at $79.99
1 hour 20 minutes for ps4
The Order stage demo
DriveClub new gameplay
Rime, everybody gone to the Rapture release dates info
Uncharted 2-3 minutes gameplay video
New Sly Cooper game announcement
Sony Londo game announcement
Sony Bend game announcement: please let it be Syphon Filter ps4/psvita
Demon's Souls spiritual succesor announcement
More info on Destiny
Either Santa monica, Guerrilla Games, Quantic Dreams or Media Molecule taking the stage to announce their first ps4 project
And Last but no least sony reintroducing The Last Guardian coming exclusively to ps4 these holidays.

sovkhan1354d ago

Perfect!!! couldn't have planned a better show :)

Sony needs talents like you indeed.

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