EA to showcase Mirror's Edge 2 and new Criterion game at E3

EA will hit E3 with everything it has, seemingly. Alongside an update on the next Mirror's Edge title, it will also unveil a new game from Burnout developer Criterion - one of several unannounced games scheduled to premiere at the event. Aren't we lucky!

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Askanison41360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

The comment about Criterion not making another racing game piqued my interest. Maybe a new Black game? Or a whole new IP?

Crossbones1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

If it's a new Black Game, then I wouldn't be surprised if EA would try to rotate it in with BF & TitanFall as their yearly shooters against COD. But I think it's a New ip though.

KnightRobby1360d ago

Open world Star Wars game! :)

WeAreLegion1360d ago

Didn't we get this news yesterday?

DevilishSix1360d ago

I brand new Burnout game would be sweet. It doesn't matter to me if its open world like Paradise or more linear like the previous titles, just want a new one.