2014: The Year of Video Game Delays

"There's still a lot of 2014 ahead, but so far a running theme in the video game industry has been the number of titles getting delayed to 2015. But is that such a bad thing?"

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HanCilliers1233d ago

Rather late than sorry, *coughs* Battlefield 4 anyone?

plut0nash1233d ago

And thank goodness for that.

JBSleek1233d ago

It's so strange that people would complain about games being pushed to 2015 as if they would want a worse game in 2014 then a better game in 2015. Sure you can be disappointed because I am about The Division but being upset seems silly.

XiNarutoUzumaki1233d ago

2015: The Year of polished games

Volkama1233d ago

One day you'll look back at the comment and laugh. Or sob.

XiSasukeUchiha1232d ago

Polished sounds about right :)

lord zaid1233d ago

It funny. I can remember a time when game's would constantly get pushed back; no even blinked about it. But in the last 2-3 years of the previous console cycle, games always hit there release dates... But then also always needed a Day One patch.

I'd much rather wait for a finished product.

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