Unreal Engine 4.2 Update Adds Project Morpheus Support on PS4 & PC

VRFocus - Epic Games has issued a new update for its latest videogame development engine, Unreal Engine 4. The update, titled Unreal Engine 4.2, adds a host of new features to the tool, which features support for virtual reality (VR) development. Where as previous a previous update had made the engine compatible with Sony Computer Entertainment's (SCE) PlayStation 4, this latest addition includes support for the console's Project Morpheus VR headset, running on both PlayStation 4 and PC.

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Locknuts1414d ago

Ran that elemental demo on my PC. All I could think after running it a few times was 'diminishing returns are real'. I'm glad they're adding support for some of the left-field ideas. Graphics aren't going to have any massive leaps any more.

hellzsupernova1414d ago

So let me get this straight Project Morpheus on pc?

F4sterTh4nFTL1414d ago

Since many Indie games will be coming to PC & PS4 this Gen, having Project Morpheus support on PC is the logical thing to do if Sony wants developer support for VR on those PS4 & PC games.

Obamanationn1414d ago

if Project M works on PC id reconsider buying ORift when the times right that is if its the only way for VR to run on PS4, but i can't see why Sony wouldn't allow Orift to run on the system

starchild1414d ago

I hope we can run either device on either platform. That way people have a choice about which VR headset they want to use.

ZodTheRipper1414d ago

There's no way Sony will support Occulus on Playstation as long as they want to sell their own VR headset. Morpheus will certainly run on PC though, either through official support (unlikely) or through the usual modders that can make anything run on PC.

joeorc1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


"So let me get this straight Project Morpheus on pc?"

take a look:

"Of course, Project Morpheus running on PC doesn’t mean that SCE’s headset will be compatible with PC titles upon release, merely that developers can use the headset on the platform while creating their videogames. It should prove to make cross-platform development of Project Morpheus and Oculus Rift titles smoother, without having to transition to the PlayStation 4 for the former’s development."

so if Sony adds a driver than yeah, it could, and since it makes cross platform dev easy with Oculus Rift the idea that Sony could indeed allow Project Morpheus to work on both platforms would not be such a far fetched idea as already with move there is a SDK that allows you to make games for playstation Move.


A brand new application will grant open access to PlayStation Move.

"We want to see what innovative applications programmers can create using the PS Move controller, the PS3 system, the PlayStation Eye camera and a PC," reads the Sony challenge

note this has already been released since 2012 will be available this spring as an application download from the PlayStation Store. Before then, an early-seeding program will select 150 people to test Testing appears to be limited to the US.

so you betcha!

not just Unreal engine only:

"Marks has identified six areas that Sony needs to crack in order for VR to work: sight, sound, tracking, control, ease of use, and content. For sight, Marks refers to Sony's considerable weight in optics and imaging technology. For sound, the company is working on 3D binaural tech to aid presence and immersion. For tracking and control, Marks says the PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move are ready-made solutions. For ease of use, Sony plans to make it a comfortable, plug-and-play experience. And for content, Marks showed a long list of software partners including Epic Games, Crytek, Autodesk, Unity, and more. Sony will be showing demos of Thief, EVE Valkryie, and more running on Project Morpheus at GDC."

starchild1414d ago

Does this mean Sony's headset will work on the PC as well? Or is it only for development purposes? If it's available to consumers for VR games I'll definitely be using the Morpheus headset a lot on both my ps4 and PC.

MasterCornholio1414d ago

That would be a great idea for people who game on both platforms.


ZodTheRipper1414d ago

It might not run on PC at first and Sony might never support it ...but it shouldn't be a problem for modders to make Morpheus run on PC. Just like Wii Remotes, Kinect, and all that kind of stuff is running on PC as well.

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