USA Weekly Charts, 31st May 2014

PS4 92,603
WiiU 78,247
XOne 30,836
3DS 19,105
X360 14,666
PS3 7,819
Wii 3,336
PSV 2,117
PSP 649

1 Watch Dogs (PS4) 976,856
2 Watch Dogs (XOne) 590,488
3 Mario Kart 8 (WiiU) 480,040
4 Watch Dogs (X360) 286,193
5 Watch Dogs (PS3) 179,421

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Geobros1355d ago

Its clear that Mario Kart 8 pushed Wii U sales by 611%.

R00bot1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

666% actually. Satanic.
Anyway, this is great news for Sony and Nintendo. Nintendo will be happy to have left their slump (hopefully for good this time), and Sony will be glad to see the PS4 still dominating.
Microsoft might be in a tight spot here, but more games are coming soon and they can get out of last place. Even then, 30,000 is still good for a console in one week.

R00bot1355d ago

I am now aware that these charts say it's 611%. I don't know which is correct, but I got my info from here

hellzsupernova1355d ago

USA v UK charts i believe your mix up was from

blitz06231355d ago

Did they change their old numbers or something? I seem to recall the XOne and PS4 were neck and neck in April, going back now the PS4 has been outselling it more than 2-1 since April

R00bot1355d ago

Aha, sorry about that! Those UK charts didn't make it very obvious that they were UK charts, did they?

AceBlazer131355d ago

Like Axios would say, That PS4 staying power. XD

Mario Kart did really nice for just a day's worth ,iirc, of sales. Wouldn't mind if Sony or Nintendo won the gen, anyone besides those other guys.

TheRedButterfly1354d ago

Food for thought, Microsoft announced a price-cut for their console 2 weeks ago, but the product won't ship until 4 days from now. Clearly a reason for why sales are slumping.

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Gamer19821355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

VGcharttz inflate xbone numbers and they still coundnt get them anywhere near wiiu numbers that week, but you know things are getting bad when wiiu outsells you nearly 3:1. the fanboys will claim its selling less because PS4 is available in more places in the world because ya know that has zero impact on the US..

edwick1355d ago

microsoft sort of screwed themselves out of some sales last month when they announced the kinect-less version coming out in june.

deafdani1355d ago

Mario Kart 8 also played a BIG part in the sudden increase of Wii U sales. You can bet on that.

imt5581355d ago

Waiting for NPD results!

Anyway, it's not a guessing, it is well known that Watch Dogs is advertised for PS4 like the best version. And it is astonishing that Watch Dogs sell almost a million on PS4 for a one week in US only and without heavy marketing ( for comparison : Titanfall sell +1 mil. on Xbone and it was heavily, really heavily advertised ).

deafdani1355d ago

"Without heavy marketing"?

Dude, have you been living under a rock or something these past two years? The amount of marketing and hype Watch Dogs has received was INSANE.


imt5581354d ago

No, i don't live under the rock. Yes, Watch Dogs had good marketing, but not like Titanfall level marketing and result is +1 mil. copies sold in 3 weeks, Watch Dogs is almost 1 mil. in 1 week for PS4.

Moonman1355d ago

Week ending May 31st.....

MK8 came out May 30th.. ;p

DC7771355d ago

Yeah not bad for 1 day of MK8. PS4 still cruising along as well. Figured WD would be huge a long time ago.

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ritsuka6661355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

XOne 30,836

Vg chatz is not reliable but damn Xbox one Still sinking like a titanic.

JBSleek1355d ago

Why buy an Xbox One if you were going to if they announced a cheaper one that will be sold on June 9th. Likely the reason why it didn't sell well.

Spotie1355d ago

While that's true to an extent, the XB1 numbers were already not so high, even before the announcement. Indeed, it was those numbers that prompted the decision to remove Kinect in the first place.

medman1355d ago

OK...I guess that also explains why these numbers look similar to every other week in 2014 before the announcement. Gee whiz guy, wake up. These numbers are exactly the reason why there will be a kinectless sku in June. And these numbers have been consistent for months. Stop being an apologist and show some discernment.

torchic1355d ago

the numbers after 9th June will be very similar to these numbers...

Arkardo1355d ago

I don't think it will make things different, I can assure that even if there is a kinectless sku, still the best bang for your buck it's the Titanfall with kinect sku, 399 it's too much for just dropping the kinect, the price must be around 349 to be attractive.

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pyramidshead1355d ago

The NPD coming up for Xbone has the possibility of them selling under 100K this time. Should be a sight to behold. They revealed the kinectless sku too soon, so now everyone will hold off until it arrives.

Bigpappy1355d ago

Not reliable but still serves your purpose.

medziarz1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

XBOX just got oooooowned! nothing will stop the return of the console Lord! not even losing this E3 by a mile and price parity!

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hellzsupernova1355d ago

What happened to Playstation owners dont buy games? Wolfenstein and Watch Dogs both ahead on ps4.

Good numbers for WiiU which is good to see. Xbox one will pick up next week with the price drop then things will get real interesting

MasterCornholio1355d ago

"What happened to Playstation owners dont buy games?"

LOL the install base for the PS4 is much larger than the Xbox Ones which is why multiplats sell much better on it.

3rd party's are not worried about Playstation fans not buying their games since the PS4 has a much larger install base plus the best versions of multiplats on consoles.

Anyways im glad to see the increase in sales for the Woo U. I know VGs is usually a bunch of BS but I dont doubt the fact that Mario Kart helped shift a few Wii Us.

GribbleGrunger1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

The difference between the PS4 and the XB1 in America is 270k and yet the sales of Watch Dogs is approaching double that of the XB1 version. The difference between the PS3 and the 360 is 16 million but the gap in sales for Watch Dogs is only around 100k.

PS4 owners are buying more games.

edit: At last VGC has adjusted their figures in accordance with how sales have 'actually' been.

PS4 at 8.1
wii u at 6.3
xb1 still 4.5

Now that's more like it ... but it took 4 frigin' months.

pandaboy1355d ago

The install base difference isn't 2:1 in the US like watch dogs software is. Also last gen games are selling more on ps3 even in the US where there are 20 million more 360 than ps3.

Playstation owners have always bought more games but the sales numbers have been skewed because of the ps3 presence in Japan and the lack of popularity of western games there.

Kribwalker1355d ago

It's a proven fact that Xbox owners purchase more games per console then playstation owners. Every generation that both systems have been available, the xbox has a higher attach rate then the playstation

Concertoine1355d ago

One reason is the cross contamination of the fanbases (the xbox fans that switched to ps4) but also the fact that ps4 runs most games better. Those that own both systems will probably go for ps4 version.

BarneyS1355d ago

Well the PS4 install base is bigger but it's weird that the total software sales are still higher on Xbone.

pyramidshead1355d ago

People will grapple onto any if their console of choice isn't doing so hot.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1354d ago

They became dude bros now of course they buy all multiplats

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darren_poolies1355d ago

PS4 sold 3x as more as the X1? Wow. I know VGChartz isn't very reliable but if that is even close, wow.

elazz1355d ago

And looking into vgchartz's trackrecord the gap would probably be higher since they overtrack the Xbox One nearly every week and undertrack the PS4. This happened during the last three months and NPD proved them wrong each time in favor of PS4.

Sayburr1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Yeah, that surprised me. In the USA the sales for systems have been fairly close, but not the last week of May... PS4 gave XBO a shellacking.

Maybe the numbers have something to do with XBO's price drop soon? I don't know, just guessing.

Niv1355d ago

Man that ps4 xb1 gap is widening.

HappyWithOneBubble1355d ago

PS4 is running away with it like PS2 era. XB1 don't stand a chance even with the price drop.