Sony To Unveil "Interesting" PS4 Bundle At E3 2014?

It seems like Sony will announced a interesting Playstation 4 bundle at their E3 2014 press conference.

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guitarded771387d ago

Nah... it's gonna be the PS4/Vita bundle. One site (I think IGN) already showed the box and said it's going to be available at Best Buy next week.

iamnsuperman1386d ago

Though agree with you though I think the PS4 and Vita TV is a better combination. It would be slightly cheaper and it would makes sense for Sony's media ambitions.

UltimateMaster1386d ago

Built-in Vita Cards for the PS4.
Make it happen!

guitarded771386d ago

Oh... here's the link to the source. It was GameTrailers showing the BB ad.

XiSasukeUchiha1386d ago

PS4, PS Vita TV, and PSVita w/ Bordersland 2 bundle, that's interesting !

JohnathanACE1387d ago

Could this be the PS4/Vita bundle that's been rumored for so long?

edwick1386d ago

unless they have other bundles planned, it's almost certainly the ps4/vita bundle.

theDivision1386d ago

Wish they would have had that bundle at launch.

pyramidshead1386d ago

I think you're probably right on the money there.

Am-No-Hero1387d ago

It will be massive if Sony announced PS4+ TLOU R Bundle

Wow huge boost ..

TOTSUKO1387d ago

It could be a TLOU R or Vita bundle. Those would be great bundles.

I have a gut feeling Rockstar announces GTA V Next gen and bundle it with PS4. Maybe even add a special decal to the Ps4 or controller.

RosweeSon1387d ago

Go back to being a Sony Exclusive? Not likely but would be funny, Either way it defo needs the port to next Gen, was already a beauty but with the extra tech guff could look amazing.

TOTSUKO1387d ago

Not Sony exclusive. Bundle Exclusive.

Sony and Rockstar have a known relationship as marketing partners.

Remember last E3 when Sony announced an exclusive GTA V bundle for the PS3 and headset?

KinjoTakemura1386d ago

An Uncharted 4 bundle would be a show stopper.

hellzsupernova1386d ago

Na cause that is not out until next year. maybe next years E3

The Meerkat1387d ago

A PS4 Destiny bundle would be funny.

Lord_Frieza1387d ago

PlayStation legacy bundle
Includes ps1 ps2 PSP ps3 PS vita and ps4😂

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The story is too old to be commented.