Dota 2 International 2014 prize pool rivals major sports titles

"Last year’s International prize pool peaked at $2 874 381 (R30 949 897) and as we speak the prize pool is sitting at a pretty $8 523 342 (R91 742 696), boasting one of the highest prize pools in eSport's history, but how does this compare to other sports in South Africa and, more importantly, the world?"

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HanCilliers1387d ago

This is beyond amazing, in just 26 days the community invested $8 646 307 and they are not done yet!

lord zaid1387d ago

As amazing as this is, I think people forget how smart of a move this is on Valve's part. They get a high value, prestigious event and they don't have to pay the winner's a cent of their own money. Genius.

Sillicur1387d ago

This is such a good thing for eSports, I wonder if we will see it on both local and international news in the future. Most likely when it hits 10 mil

GabeSA1387d ago

what is this DOTA you speak of?? :P

JOEgolferG1387d ago

lmao so which major sport's prizes doe's it rival??? none! I hate how gaming is slowly being portrayed as an actual sport. It is a nice prize pool for a game though but i just didn't like how they are comparing it to actual world sport's title's. If you win the FedEx golf tour championship you get $8 million to yourself! So imagine how big the prize pool is for that.

TekoIie1387d ago

"I hate how gaming is slowly being portrayed as an actual sport."

Because ignoring it is so hard?

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