Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of E3 2014 – Jay’s Picks

"As the yearly E3 expo creeps upon us once again we see a familiar scene. Both Sony and Microsoft have their dukes up ready steal player base at the first sign of weakness, spitting all sorts of venom and sucker punches back and forth, while Nintendo is still sitting in the corner playing with it’s same old spinning top blissfully unaware of the surroundings. Hateful from me as this may seem, two companies going at it provides us the gamers with a cornucopia of games to claim our loyalty (and I’m fine with being fought over) and a company that looks like it isn’t listening provides massive thrills when it actually gets it right. This, my friends, is what E3 is all about for me and in this article I’m going to lay down the ten games that I am most interested to see more of this E3.

Be aware though, like many statues before me, I am comprised of much jade, so some of my reasoning may be pretty shallow and/or backwards-sounding but I just don’t board hype-trains like I used to. Much...

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Geobros1357d ago

This year I have read about 100 articles about E3 lists. I wish to end E3 to stop that as I am a boring reader....:P

Anon19741355d ago

I want a black screen and I want to hear Ron Perlman say "War. War never changes." That is all.

KinjoTakemura1355d ago

Try this list:

The Division
Uncharted 4
Fallout 4
Mirror's Edge 2
Deep Down
Project Beast
Quantic Dream's game
The Last Guardian
Lords Of The Fallen