What We Want In: Lords of the Fallen

"Lords of the Fallen is the lastest game from the little known development team CI Games in collaboration with the equally unknown Deck 13. Despite being inexperienced teams however, Lords of the Fallen is built upon rock solid roots, with Tomasz Gop, executive producer of The Witcher and The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings at the helm. Lords of the Fallen is designed as an Action RPG, which means the game is expected to boast rich, immersive combat, with skill trees that add a much greater layer of depth. Influences of The Legend of Zelda, and Dark/Demons Souls will instantly ring out at the players/viewers but Lords of the Fallen still aims to forge its own path. With 2015 seeming like a realistic year of release, we discuss the five things that we want from the little known action game that deserves a lot of your attention."
AMHNetwork discusses what they want from the upcoming Lords of the Fallen

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Aon1500d ago

My expectations about Lords of the Fallen is very big. In preorder this game sells better than Witcher 3:) So maybe this game not will be as bad as everyone says.

riverside6661498d ago

I do not say. Sells better? Wow! This means that not as many people who say that the game will not be good. For me, expectations are simple, I hope it will not be the second DS! I do not understand this constant comparison, and I'm not going to understand. It's quite a different game, and I hope it stays that way, if so, will be fine :)