One Year Later, Did Nintendo Keep Their E3 2013 Promises?

András Neltz: "Now last year, Nintendo didn't have a traditional E3 briefing. No stage, no live show. Just a forty-minute Nintendo Direct video, filled with Iwata, footage of games... and promises. Not as many as we've seen up to now, but promises nonetheless."

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ritsuka6661323d ago

It keep for me. * goes back for play Mario Kart 8 *

N4g_null1322d ago

Almost like clockwork. Only ms and Sony overhyped. Most of their games promised are not even close to coming out it seems. If I'm wrong then please tell me what you are playing on your system of choice.

king_george1322d ago

Anyone who says your wrong doesnt know what they're talking about. Im a huge PS fan but so far nintendo is the one thats been stealing the show! Atleast in terms of software

KonsoruMasuta1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Well, you thought wrong.

Actually read the article! They kept most of their promises. Just click the link, even you can do it. There aren't too many big words; you should have no problem comprehending.

LAWSON721322d ago

Nintendo has been spot on with delivering what they promised at their conference last year.

KonsoruMasuta1322d ago

Another one who can't read the article? What? Are the words too big for you?

The words inside will actually prove you wrong.