Fresh screenshots from co-op hack-n-slash Gauntlet

A handful of new screenshots have been posted for Gauntlet, the four-player co-op hack-n-slash remake by Arrowhead Games Studio, which arrives on 3 September for the PC.

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MRMagoo1231383d ago

I loved gauntlet at the arcades when I was a kid , always played the wizard, I hope this new version isnt as bad as the remake of golden axe

NiteX1382d ago

Magicka was pretty cool, so you think they could make a good Gauntlet game.

GhettoBlasStarr1382d ago

They have videos of this game on youtube already.... just saying if anyone wanted to see gameplay.

AD7051382d ago

I loved gauntlet as a kid. I use to go to the bowling alley near by and played this game in their little arcade.