The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt pre-Summer Conference teaser

LGN: "CD Projekt RED has posted a short clip from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt showing off a sliver from the in-game trailer fans can look forward to during the Summer Conference that is scheduled to take place later on 5 June at 11.00 PST/20.00 CET."

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kingeliran1382d ago

This Game send shivers down my spine every time i see it.
its going to be the ultimate RPG! such an Epic game.

starchild1382d ago

My favorite series ever. This one looks better than the first two and that just blows my mind.

I have to say that Geralt's ponytail and the horses tails look amazing. That hair fx is a vast improvement.

sssb1382d ago

I can't wait I can't wait i can't waaaaaaaait, welcome back my man Gurlt ^________^

Einhert1382d ago

I have a feeling this will be the defining title of whatever year it is released in.

Sorry but linear corridor games with scripted events cannot hold a candle to the promise this game shows.

anticlimax1382d ago

All this banter against linearity and scripted events. Am I the only one who doesn't like the procedurally generated stuff that openworld games seem to come with?

A carefully constructed story, even without significant choice, has its value. You can't control the pacing and build up of a story properly if there is a ton of sidequests and exploration to be done.

Einhert1382d ago

I think you need to go and play The Witcher 2 and be proven wrong.

It has open environments with tons of side quests that never detract from the story.

Open world games not having story? Cannot wait until the Witcher 3 comes and wipes that myth from existence.

anticlimax1381d ago

As if I didn't play TW1 and 2, multiple times. The Witcher 2 had quite a lot of linearity, and the periodes in between broke the pace in my opinion.

Add to that that TW2 wasn't an open world game.

Games4ever1382d ago

Have a feeling, that this game will be the best RPG ever.