E3 2013 in 3 Minutes

A little hazy on all the madness from last year's show? Here's a quick recap to bring you up to speed

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Geobros786d ago

One of the worst E3 of all time, so so boring.

WeAreLegion785d ago

I won't hit disagree, but I'd like to know why you think that.

Sevir785d ago

E3 last year was exciting! One of the best in many years

Illusive_Man785d ago

Microsoft had better games.

Sony had PR.


DanaBlack785d ago (Edited 785d ago )


Sharingan_no_Kakashi785d ago

Sony systematically destroyed everything that breathed at least years E3.

ovnipc785d ago

Like sony said "ms won the games we won the people". But looks like this E3 will be a different story, I want or better I need to be wow at this E3 MS has to come out strong from the get go no TV BS, maybe 10 min of old crap and TV and apps the rest focus on new ips and all about games.

ats1992785d ago (Edited 785d ago )

Microsoft didnt even talk about TV at last years E3 it was nothing but games. Everyone seems to get the xbox one reveal confused with last years E3.

XiSasukeUchiha782d ago

Kakashi hmm what about the DRM fiasco and the $500 price tag that made everyone pissed off!

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