The 7 NYC Arcade Apartment Questions You Really Had, Answered

From the interview, "As a video game journalist, one of the things [Jenni Lada] hate most is when I open my inbox and see some PR email from an individual trying to hype up something they did in an attempt to earn 15 minutes of internet fame. So when I got an email from Chris Kooluris on June 2, 2014, promoting his NYC arcade apartment, the story Wired did on what went into making it, and how it destroyed his relationship, I deleted it. It was just one of those things. I was mildly disappointed when I saw other sites picking up the “story,” and forgot about it until June 4, 2014. That’s when I opened my inbox and saw I had received another email from Kooluris, with yet another link and even more pandering.

I decided to have some fun with it, because this email had a note saying Kooluris was “happy to chat about it.” So, I put on my snarky hat and emailed back the questions we all really wanted to ask about the NYC arcade apartment scenario. Here’s how it went."

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