What's The One Game Sony Most Needs To Present At E3?

Of all the amazing games Sony could show off at E3 next week, what is the one title that would hit hardest among fans? Could it be The Last Guardian?

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admiralvic1384d ago

Would love it, though I rather Sony just announces a completely new IP. Not a series thats been on the shelf for ages (though I wouldn't reject a Parappa game), not another sequel with amazing graphics (to be honest, these are expected), not something thats been in development hell (The Last Guardian), not a super HD port of something I can go out and buy today, I just want a brand new IP for my PlayStation 4 or to a lesser degree PlayStation Vita.

starchild1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I would love to see a new IP. That said, I have been waiting for The Last Guardian for years and I hope it sees the light of day and is as good as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus.

What would really blow me away and make my jaw drop would be if somehow Sony and From Software have secretly been working on a new Tenchu game and they announce it at E3 with an amazing gameplay trailer or real-time gameplay demo. That would make it the best E3 ever for me.

Bathyj1384d ago

Starchild, as long as youre in my head could you clean up around the place a bit?

-Foxtrot1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

Yeah pretty much

I'm still not letting that reference go in the PS4 trailer.

They put it in there for a reason

If they just wanted to show Crash Bandicoot as a throw back to the PS1 days then they would of just had a picture of Crash, but the added arrow and orange diamond which represents the old SCE logo makes you think otherwise, even the way they are laid out "CRASH (Crash Picture) - BACK AT (Arrow) - SONY (Shape of old Logo). Why go through so much trouble for nothing.

You get Crash back and that means HD remakes for Crash 1-3 and Team Racing

Hell...Crash Team Racing 2....WITH ONLINE MODES.

Crazy right, the one game to challenge Mario Kart. I mean Crash had a single player Campaign mode with a story, I've never seen Mario Kart to do that before. You had a huge hub you could roam around in your kart, boss battles which then unlocked more of the hub. It was fantastic. I don't see why Nintendo haven't done it for Mario Kart yet. Imagine roaming the Mushroom Kingdom in your selected Kart.

solidsheep1384d ago

You think it might be a Sony Bend game ps3/ps4/vita?

kreate1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

amen to crash team racing 2. i had too much fun with the original crash team racing.

the spin offs were a piece of crap like that ps2 game, crash nitro .....

i want a new ip with lots of blood, gore, and horror in amazing ps4 graphics.

ifistbrowni1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I think they need to show the game that releases in 2014. No matter what it is. There's plenty of time between now and 2015 to announce games 2015 and beyond.

I wanna see the games i can play in the near future. Hard to get excited about games like Uncharted and The Order knowing that they're still a year or more away from release.

I'm desperately hoping Sony has a triple-A exclusive they've kept under-wraps to announce that it will be releasing this year. Idt thats possible, but i can hope. I'm hoping they have more than DriveClub because im not a fan of racing games.

showtimefolks1384d ago

Crash IP bought from activision

Shenmue IP bought from Sega, Shenmue 1-2 HD collection coming to PlayStation 4

The Last Guardian

Agent from R*

any of these 4 would be epic

Demon souls 2
God of war 4

would also satisfy but i want the top 4 more

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NatureOfLogic_1384d ago

Project Beast needs to happen.

capt-schmo1383d ago

^This, if it is an exclusive that will result in the series diehards planning on getting Sony's console.

SuperBlunt1384d ago

Uncharted 4 obviously. If they show demon souls 2, UC 4, and gow 4 i can die happy

youndamie1384d ago

But if you die you won't be able to play them :(

UltraNova1384d ago

Its hard to imagine a better line up than that...I mean what does MS have to show for them to steal the thunder from Sony's lineup?

Halo, Gears and Fable? eeem NO.

SuperBlunt1384d ago

Uhm duh, have you not heard? halo is like mad legendary seeing as bungie works....oh wait

InTheLab1384d ago

The last guardian or the game is officially in developement limbo.

Wouldn't mind seeing a Jak or Resistance. Resistance would be epic.

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