Jean-Francois Poirier and Child of Light: Making a game his daughter will be proud of

Stevivor -- "At the risk of making this sound like a dodgy election advertisement or something, Jean-Francois Poirier is a man with his head on straight.

Poirier, Producer on Ubisoft’s Child of Light, was in Australia last week for a Vivid Sydney panel on the making of the game. Poirier also took the time to sit and chat with Stevivor on the same topic. Naturally, as two Canadians are wont to do when gathering in Australia – or anywhere else for that matter – we ended up talking ice hockey for ten minutes."

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NewMonday1447d ago

loved the game, playing it back to back with Transistor was pure bliss

enjoyed them more than Watch Dogs and Wolfenstein, don't care what anybody thinks

dasbeer881447d ago

I'd sure love to have kids one day...

Spooney3231447d ago

Finished the game with my 8 and 10 year old daughters. Simply amazing title which brought a tear or two from my eyes. Guess what they want to be for Halloween this year ? ")

Dewitt1447d ago

This game was breathtaking, best game of the generation so far. Thanks for all your hard work and I am positive your daughter is proud of you.

camel_toad1447d ago

I'd use his testimony against someone who thinks games can't be art.

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