Watch_Dogs - Modders Aiming For 'E3 2012' Visuals, Real Ultra Quality Settings Supposedly Uncovered

PC modders are already trying to find ways to bring the final build closer to that awesome E3 2012 tech demo. And while modders won’t be able to add the missing graphical effects (like PhysX debris and smoke), they’ve already found ways to improve the visuals and bring the game’s lighting system as close to the E3 2012 build as possible.

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Septic1652d ago

Sad state of affairs when your customers do the work you should have to make the game what it was supposed to be in the first place.

WalterWJR1652d ago

The stranger thing is the game is actually playable now and not a complete stuttering mess with these mods :S


Modders are sometimes (if not all the tims) better than big companies devs.

elhebbo161652d ago

Its funny because I felt Far Cry 3 was REALLY optimized, but ubi just droped the ball with this game. Thank god for these guys.

devileyed1652d ago

Yeah and it actually runs twice as well now too. bravo guys

ritsuka6661652d ago

Fans does what Ubisoft don't. :P

bixxel1652d ago

Ubi devs tried to maintain stable fps throughout all hardware and ended up partially downgrading stuffs.Best thing they could do right now is release mod tools.And all complaints will stop.

uth111652d ago

If they succeed, will the Watch Dogs whining finally stop?

Th4Freak1652d ago

Not really, since when users making developers job is acceptable?

uth111652d ago

That's just settings, not development work.

What kind of PC do you need to run it at this setting? The answer to that will probably explain why the devs disabled it.

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The story is too old to be commented.