Two Nintendo @ E3 2014 Miiverse Communities Are Now Open

The Nintendo @ E3 2014 Miiverse community is now open. Along with it comes plenty of hype, news and information, and friendly fans to share the excitement.

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eworthington01386d ago

Yes! E3 community was the best.
Its like a general community. I always suggested there be a "general discussion" community.

Concertoine1386d ago

lol thats pretty much the smash bros one

R00bot1386d ago

Or the YouTube community.

eworthington01386d ago

The smash bros one is mostly people whining about anime characters... I dont understand.

Pretendor1386d ago

Need to check that out!

MeLoveRamen1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

I just got me wii u and i love the miiverse. I can't believe it isn't a selling point of the console. I never even heard of it until i bought the console. I love chatting with a community of different wii u games, something only done on the wii u, and to be able to talk to the nintendo community about e3 while its happening is great.

R00bot1386d ago

What's even better is that Nintendo has been listening to what people are saying on Miiverse and changing things because of it.