Dragon Age: Inquisition - New In-Engine Screenshots Showcasing "The Hinterlands" & "Redcliffe"

Electronic Arts and Bioware have released a new set of screenshots for Dragon Age: Inquisition, showing off ‘The Hinterlands’ and ‘Redcliffe’.

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starchild1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

This game is beautiful. If it keeps its October release date and doesn't get delayed until 2015 this will probably be one of my favorite games this year.

AgentSmithPS41509d ago

Delays suck but nothing is more horrific than when EA keeps a release date.

I hope they allow early reviews otherwise I'll have to wait based on their last game etc. It looks good and I'd like to jump right in but time will tell how much money the game is really worth. I can't wait for when VR lets us use games (like this) with lots of environmental variety to make exercising less boring. Many people live in ugly areas or places with bad weather.

Revolver_X_1509d ago

This is the game im most hyped for at the moment. E3 is next week though. Great time to be a gamer.

T21509d ago

Nope. After the p.o.s. That was da2, will wait for twitch to evaluate and second hand purchase as punishment just as next battlefield. Yes I bought da2 new

Myst-Vearn1509d ago

Punishment? that's idiotic. DA:I is looking incredible, all flaws that ruined DA2 like repetitiveness and reused environments seem to have been addressed. If you 'punish' them by not buying DA:I new, you are just asking them to either kill the franchise or go back to being lazy and give the next installment lower budget. Either way I expect this game to sell extremely well, especially on the PS4/X1 as it will be the biggest game so far to come out for the next gen consoles.

T21509d ago

The only thing idiotic was da2 it wasn't even a complete game with 5 repeating dungeons I completed it in about 10 hours, that's pathetic for an rpg. Not giving them 60 bucks for next one, kill the franchise? It's a business they should have considered that before ripping ppl off. Not my concern, you don't get trust back you earn it, not with pretty screenshots you havent played this so why would I think it's in any way fixed.

FalloutWanderer20771507d ago

I think Witcher 3 is going to trump both Skyrim and DA :p

The domination might be so catastrophic it could potentially open up a rift to another dimension!! Well,so I've heard,there has been whispers and rumors at the local Tavern down the valley.

This does look great,visually,from what I have seen. Gameplay,content and story? I am still on the fence.

I need to see some more on the features and the gameplay before I can say for sure. Obviously,unless it absolutely bombs critically,I need to play it for myself. No review or gameplay video will truly be able to express how good or bad it will be.

That can be said for all games. Unless Of course you have complete confidence and trust in a particular game developer and series.

90Supra1509d ago

No way these are actual in-engine screenshots...

The game won't look anything like this...

RegorL1508d ago

This twitter thread is quite interesting

FalloutWanderer20771507d ago (Edited 1507d ago )

Higher end PC maxed with a healthy dose of anti-aliasing is just what the Doc ordered. ;)

Know what I just noticed looking closely at all the shots - The draw distance is good but not super good.

The main point I'd like to address:

LOD - The Level of Detail in the distance seems to be restrained/reduced. So what you are seeing in those screen shots,at least in my unprofessional opinion,possibly close to final,in-game fidelity that we will see.

The entire image looks good but take a look at the closer scenery,the trees,ground,shrubbery,rocks and water that is closer to the "camera" - Then take a look further out.Notice how the objects in the distance begin losing detail the further you go out?

now of course this is common practice in many games,along with tech to enhance,hide and pronounce other sections and areas that you look at. Depth of field,overall draw distance and the LOD levels.Bare with me,I am quite tired,so I apologize ,I am not really expressing exactly what I'd like to get across while critiquing these images.

Between camera angles for perfect shots,depth of field,draw distance sliders and more importantly the LOD levels, it will look that good I believe though as long as you are within that vicinity of high LOD.

I'm surprised that you are really shocked that the game will look that good? Frostbite 3 is a very powerful engine.Appears to scale well too.Saying that about scalability still pains me to think,if only this was current gen and PC only!

Then again,We may very well be looking at the pinnacle of what the modified frostbite engine Bioware is using is ultimately capable. Some higher end PC's can easily reproduce visuals of this standard. What has the games FPS and rez been set to for consoles? anyone know yet or is that still a mystery.

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